“Puss In Boots” Audition

Source: YouTube We officially announce that the casting for Puss In Boots live-action sequel is over. After reviewing Chika‘s tape it is clear that she’s perfect for the role and production is about to begin shortly. On a more serious note, “Puss in Boots”

The Levitating Clock

Source: YouTube In our modern age levitation still looks like magic, so I guess you could call Flyte a team of wizards. Earlier they have produced a levitating light bulb and now they’re back with a hovering clock. It’s called STORY and its main

10 Celebrity Couples Badly Regretting Their Sex Tapes!

Most people who make sex tapes do it for their own private contentment, to be viewed and enjoyed together. Nonetheless, in Hollywood where relationships and marriages last about as long as a sports season, it’s hard to explain why people would want to risk

Ever Wondered What Your Food Looks Like Before It’s Harvested?

Everyone eats, but most people don't ever see what their food looks like before it arrives at the supermarket.  From bananas to coffee, many foods look almost unrecognizable from the form we normally see.  Alyohara on imgur put together a compilation of pictures of

Unfortunate Lives Of 17 Famous Writers That Will Gulp You Down!

''Happy people don't have stories,'' says Umberto Eco. These writers' lives prove it…Get ready for an emotional roller-coaster ride and keep in mind that you can do it, against all odds! 1. Fyodor Mihailoviç Dostoyevski kitaplikkedisi.com 2. J. D. Salinger cdn.thedailybeast.com 3. Louis Althusser ceasefiremagazine.co.uk 4. Stefan Zweig

Here Is The Edible Self Care Products To Try Asap!

Recently, more and more makeup brands have been touting themselves as using "food grade" ingredients. Here are some we wanted to share with you! 1. Homemade face masks! There are literally thousands of these recipes that you can find on the internet, but a nice