19 People Who Could Tickle Anyone’s Funny Bone (Dads Are Nailing It)

There’s a reason why amazing comedians like Jerry Seinfeld make millions of dollars annually: they help us to laugh and forget about the burdens of our lives for a while. But there are some unsung heroes of comedy that are around us as well. At Bright Side, we love everything that can make our lives

20 People Who Could Get Out of a Deal With the Devil Himself

The idea of making a deal with the devil comes from the story of Faust. Basically, it’s something you can’t get out of — if you lack the creativity of the people on this list, that is. We at Bright Side try to praise the creative side of things and the people who at any given chance

16 Pieces of Advice From Lady Diana’s Stylist That Can Help You Look Great

Anna Harvey is a legendary stylist from Vogue magazine and was the late Princess Diana’s stylist. She knows everything about how to look perfect no matter how old or wealthy you are. The ever-changing fashion industry forces people to adapt, so there is no such thing as a universal style forever. But there are some