The Answers to These 7 Questions Reveal a Person’s Psychological Deviations

There are a lot of different tests that help psychologists identify mental problems. Their professionalism is especially important when a patient’s mental state borders on genius (there’s a thin line). However, specialists can separate one from the other. Bright Side found 7 simple questions that doctors ask their patients to identify any

8 Hairstyles That Show a Man’s True Character

A haircut is a very important part of one’s image. It can tell a lot about the person who chose it. After all, he didn’t choose it for no reason, did he? Of course, this shouldn’t be taken too seriously as this is more of a fun test. We’ve already found some matches here at Bright Side. And you? Share your experience

These 18 Photos Embody “A Crime Against Humanity”

Everyone has a couple of bees in their bonnet to drive them crazy even in the happiest of moments. For example, we may not care about the eternal mess in our apartment, but we can truly consider a divorce if our partner cuts a cake the wrong way. Bright Side put together 18 photos that represent our

10 Seemingly Harmless Things That Are Really Dangerous

We are told in childhood that bees and snakes can be dangerous. But have you ever wondered if all the plants in your backyard are safe for you, your kids, or your pets? Bright Side made a list of things that can look absolutely harmless but are apparently not. Have a look, and

8 Everyday Foods That Have Hidden Cosmetic Talents

The everyday products we eat can also become ingredients for homemade beauty solutions. We at Bright Side found 8 amazingly simple recipes, and we want to share them with you. Take note, and share your own recipes in the comments! 8. Egg white peel-off mask This mask will purify and unblock

15 Designer Fails Where We All Want to Cry, “Why?“

Sometimes the designing of buildings and public spaces goes wrong. We at Bright Side made a list of such failures. If you happen to notice such inconsistencies in design, do share with us in the comments! A chimney and a fireplace idea at a whole new level: Our bank’s clients are all gigantic…cashcats. I do not remember this column being

This Artist Hilariously Tells of the Problems Every Girl Goes Through

Mary Park, also known as Murrz, is an artist and graphic designer from Los Angeles. She creates funny and realistic comics that all girls understand. With the author’s permission, Bright Side shares some pictures and hopes they won’t leave you indifferent. You can find more comics on Murrz’s