An Artist From Indonesia Shows What Feelings Are Hidden Inside Our Souls

Mimi N is an artist from Indonesia who continues to take part in the SUN Project and to post her illustrations devoted to social problems. In her pictures, she shows such pernicious feelings and emotions that people don’t usually discuss, though we all experience them from time to time. Bright Side has already told

How to Combine Tights With Shoes and Clothes Correctly

The first tights appeared, in the way we are used to seeing them, in the USA in the 1960s. This invention coincided with the start of the miniskirt trend. Before that, girls had to wear stockings and short outfits used to show their garter belts. Today, pantyhose are an essential element of a wardrobe but

20 People Who Took Pumpkin Carving to a Whole New Level

According to statistics, about 46% of US citizens carved Halloween pumpkins in 2017. Some of the 46% managed to carve regular jack-o’-lanterns, while others ended up creating another masterpiece. Bright Side is going to show you some fascinating pumpkins displaying creativity at its best. Don’t miss our bonus at the end — it will show you the cutest

10 Astounding Facts That Can Change the Way You See the World

Did you know that there’s “golden blood” or that Mercedes-Benz cars have a secret technology that gets activated before an accident? What about the fact that right now at this moment people are applying to become citizens of a space station? If you didn’t, prepare yourself to be surprised. Bright Side gathered for you

15 Animals That Are So Rare, It’s Hard to Imagine They’re Real

According to scientists, our planet is home to about 8.7 million plant and animal species while 86% of land species and 91% of sea species are yet to be discovered. It’s just amazing that after hundreds of years of biological studies we keep searching and finding new species of animals, birds, insects and fish. Some of these creatures

8 Grains to Eat If You Want to Lose Weight and 3 to Avoid

Lately, grains have gotten a bad reputation because many people think about grains as carbs and carbs as a way to gain weight. Well, it’s not that simple, and it’s not that complicated either. Some grains will actually help you to lose or maintain the perfect weight, while some will do the

7 Parental Pieces of Advice That Turn a Kid Into an Outsider

Kids’ conflicts often sound like nonsense to adults — quarreling about a toy or joking about someone’s appearance seem insignificant. But in fact, these things can sometimes grow into quite a chase and the conflict can end up involving the whole class instead of the 2 initial parties. Unfortunately, parents don’t always know