17 Puzzling Pictures That We Just Can’t Explain — Can You?

There are so many incredible events that happen all around us, but the reasons behind them are always different. But some of these situations can’t just be explained logically. How often do you see people riding cows in a city or a car levitating between buildings? Bright Side invites you to put on your detective

7 Kind Stories That Moved Us to Tears

All of us are sometimes ready to give up when being faced with problems makes us feel powerless. And in these moments, relatives, friends, and other people we know come to help. Bright Side has collected kind stories that will make you believe that we are able to do seemingly impossible things if we just unite.

25 Adorable Photos Proving That People and Animals Can Sleep Anywhere

Sleeping is probably one of the best activities in the whole universe for both human beings and animals. And sometimes we just get so tired that it’s impossible to resist the desire to fall asleep and plunge into the world of beautiful dreams. The heroes of today’s article confess: sleep is divine. Bright Side

25 Animal Features That Shook Our World a Little

Nature is an endless source of inspiration and we’ll never stop admiring the amazing creatures that inhabit our planet. Horses growing mustaches, a half-albino peacock, a curly cat and a bald hedgehog are just some examples of the creatures we’re talking about. If you can’t believe these animals exist, take a look at our

22 Shoppers Who Have Gone Completely Off Their Trolley

Most people feel very comfortable when going to the nearest store to shop for groceries. Maybe it’s that feeling that the store is like a smaller version of their kitchen pantry, where nobody needs to be dressed formally to go to. But being casual is the complete opposite of being weird and looking like you’ve

How I Decided to Follow Internet Tips and Saved Almost $200 Within One Month

My name is Dasha and I am 25 years old. I live in a small town with my husband and my 3-year-old daughter. Despite having more than average salaries, we still lack money — there is always something that we need to buy and, as a result, we find ourselves with empty wallets at the end of every month. Therefore, I decided to check how

18 Artists Who Show Us the Magic of Street Art

Look at these balloons! Can you believe that they are not real? The works of the artists in our compilation are so real that anyone would feel scared to step into an artist’s abyss. Each of these works proves once again that artists live in a parallel reality, which they sometimes show us in their