Science Explains Why Women Choose Bad Boys

7 4 14 3 3k There are many women who run toward men their mothers always warned them about. It seems nature takes over these girls and pushes them to start dating boys with personalities that only mean trouble. Thanks to research, we now know why this happens

20 Times Pets Proved to Be Aliens Who Recharge From the Sun

15 2 12 3 5k The whole year we were waiting for the summer — the warm weather, flowers all around, and most importantly, a lot of sunshine. All of the world’s creatures enjoy it and try to catch every last ray of the sun.Bright Side, however, suspects that some animals adore

Try to Spot Which 25 Popular Movies We Hid in This Picture

12 1 14 1 11k IMDb’s database contains more than 538,353 movies at the current moment. Of course, it’s impossible to watch all of them, and most of the films don’t even get viewers’ attention. But there are some movies that everyone has seen — us, you, our friends, and

15 Iconic Movie Outfits That Have Stayed in Our Memories to This Day

7 2 10 1 0 Over the years, the world of cinema has provided us with entertainment, great stories, striking performances, and unforgettable soundtracks. It is impossible to imagine our lives without movies. Thanks to them, our world has been filled with memorable scenes and lines that are part of our

20+ Weird Pictures Proving There Is a Glitch in the Matrix

11 1 18 0 0 Sometimes, real life gives us images that are better than any photo that has been retouched using Photoshop. Random shots with no special intention, can become amazing perspective games that play tricks on our mind and even make us doubt what is real and

17 Unique Shops That Know How to Surprise Their Customers

21 1 18 2 0 Going to the grocery or hardware store is usually a chore that doesn’t stir up any special emotions. But things may be different if you visit a supermarket that has something unique, whether it is an interior element or a product they sell. For example, in Salt Lake City, there’s a shopping mall with