15+ Tricks That All Beauty Salons Use, but Never Tell You About

3 0 17 0 33k Hello, my name is Natalia. I’m a manager of an ordinary beauty salon: we have average prices and certified professionals. You have probably used services like ours at some point in your life. All companies have their own secrets and you should know about them before you

20+ Decent Things People Found Under a Thick Layer of Dirt

10 0 9 5 25k According to a survey by Research Now, Brazilians buy and use the largest amount of cleaning products in the world. In addition, 29% of respondents admitted that they prefer to buy very strong household cleaners, especially ones that contain bleach. The characters of our article have cleaned things

10 Times Celebrities Proved There’s Always Time for Doing Good Things

15 0 11 8 13k Many people start making their New Year resolutions at the beginning of the year and doing good for others is likely one of the most popular ones. No matter if they’re small or big deeds, or if they’re one-time only or regular acts of kindness, everything matters. And celebrities know

5 Mistakes We All Make When Using Our Smartphones

16 1 31 0 12k You may be keeping it close for an alarm or even to observe the quality of your sleep for health purposes. However, your cell phone is not a good sleep companion! In addition to bedtime, your phone is harming you during the day in more ways than you realize. At Bright Side,

15 Photos That Prove Climate Change Is Not a Joke

17 7 27 3 46k Cities flood, forests burn, and glaciers are melting, and the actions of humans are only making things worse every day. If we keep it up, we will lose our only planet very soon, and, as climate activists say, “there’s no planet B.” We can only save it together,