20 Places That Can Make You Forget You Are on Planet Earth

There are so many amazing places on Earth, both man-made and natural, but some of them look like they are alien and don’t actually exist. For example, the “Door to Hell” in Turkmenistan that is 69 meters (226 ft) wide, or a casting pool in San Francisco that reminds us more of a secret extraterrestrial garden. When you

19 Unlucky People Who Are Having a Really Bad Day

When you go outside in the morning, you don’t know what’s going to happen from one moment to the next. For example, someone from this article mistook breath freshener for eyedrops and another person drowned their “waterproof” camera. Sound unpleasant? That’s just the beginning! Bright Side has found

20+ People Who Drew the Short Straw That Day

Schadenfreude is a German word that describes a feeling of self-satisfaction or pleasure that comes when people witness troubles, failures, or misfortune of others. There is no equivalent for this word in English, but this does not mean that such a feeling does not exist. You can choose to agree with it or not, but this study confirms

7 Unexpected Things Dogs Can Smell

The sense of smell is called olfactory. Humans don’t have a very strong sense of smell, while dogs’ noses are more than 10,000 times more “professional” than ours. Nowadays, trained sniffer dogs work in different fields, but even a regular pet can save your life with their strong nose. At Bright

Answer One Question and We’ll Tell You What Type of Thinking You Have

Scientists believe that our type of thinking depends on the culture we belong to: Western or Eastern. If you know your type of thinking it’ll help you to understand the world better and work on yourself more effectively. The geographical division of the world into East and West is rather vague, that’s why not all

18 Things You Need to Know If You’re Attacked by a Dog

Everyone knows that dogs are man’s best friend but it isn’t always friendly. First of all, dogs are animals with animal instincts, and even a friendly one can attack a human if something goes wrong. At Bright Side, we’ve learned all about what you should do if a stray dog attacks you. These

20 Photos That Show Life Can Be Too Unpredictable

We’re all used to magic shows, special effects in movies, and so on. But sometimes we see phenomena that are so completely out of the ordinary that these moments make us believe we’re in a parallel universe. Bright Side has found 20 photos that were taken by people who can’t answer the question: “How is that

16 Attractive Hollywood Actors Whose Charisma Is Growing With Years

A-list actors are handsome, successful, and famous. Sometimes they’re family guys, and many of them remain eligible bachelors. Many times it seems like Hollywood actors become more and more attractive as time passes. Let’s have a look at their old photos and compare them to their present-day pictures. Bright Side

Psychologists Reveal 4 Quarrel Mistakes That Are Killing Your Relationship

Psychologist Dr. John Gottman can predict with 91% accuracy if a relationship is going to end. His prognosis is based on observing the couple fight. After devoting his life to studying couples, Dr. Gottman found that those who separate tend to argue in 4 specific ways which he calls the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse of Love. Bright Side

18 People Who Accidentally Gave Themselves Away

Everyone has their own skeleton in the closet which can be successfully hidden for a certain amount of time. Sometimes it’s something harmless like a masquerade for an airport pickup or it can be something completely unexpected like Ross from “Friends” becoming a thief or maybe even a nipple piercing. Sooner or later everyone who was hiding