People Share Stupefying Moments They’ve Snapped During Their Day

The Latin maxim, ‘Errare humanum est’ suggests that making mistakes is very common in humans and it’s simply part of their nature. Having a good laugh at mistakes made by others is just as human, especially when these mistakes are so stupefying, you can’t believe your eyes! We often see some funny things in our

Touching Stories About Love That Could Melt Even The Coldest of Hearts

Sometimes it seems like people today have become so hardened that they’re no longer capable of expressing true feelings. But in reality, love is everywhere around us — all you need to do is look around! For example, you may see an elderly couple supporting each other on the bus in order not to fall down, or a loving woman meeting

Internet Users Share Everyday Photos That Turned Out to Be Masterpieces

Photographer, Henri Cartier-Bresson always said that the most important thing in photography is to catch the right moment. And at that very moment, the photographer must press the button. The characters in the following compilation seem to have learned this capturing technique quite well. Bright Side collected 28 photos whose authors

Have a Look at Photos That Are More Absurd Than Your Weirdest Dreams

We’re surrounded by absurdity and chaos every day, so sometimes it’s hard to surprise us. But between people’s fantasies and nature itself, there’s no telling what sights are waiting for us around the corner. Bright Side has gathered 22 photos that are so strange you’ll probably wish you could erase them from

11 Tips to Help Your Loved One Lose Weight

Delicious food, marriage, and weight gain go hand in hand for the majority of couples. A recent study carried out by the University of Glasgow showed that newlyweds gained on average between 4 lb to 5 lb each during the first year of marriage while people who live together gain weight even faster with 31 lb

Photos That Will Make Your Inner Perfectionist Feel Extremely Satisfied

We can endlessly debate whether perfect things exist in this world or not. But looking at our compilation you could easily be convinced that they do. You can find them accidentally when cutting a cabbage, pouring soda into a glass, or you can create this ideal yourself moving toward it slowly, step by step. Today

What Brittle Nails Say About Your Health and How to Fix It

A number of studies demonstrate that your nails can reveal clues about your health. Sometimes, a problem with nails can show a serious medical condition. A change in the color and texture can be the sign of a lung, heart, or nervous system disease. We at the Bright Side believe that it is always easier to cure an illness if you

Photos Where People Don’t Care Even One Bit

Being able not to care is a kind of art that takes a long time to master. Or you need to be born with this talent, like the people in this compilation. They easily find a way out of any situation and it’s hard to make them lose their temper but this behavior keeps their nervous system

Such Strong-Willed Women Make Us Want to Say, “You Go, Girl!”

Strong-willed, motivated, energetic — these adjectives are commonly used to describe men. But women also face difficulties that no man can even imagine. We at Bright Side admire strong women and want to tell you about 25 amazing, beautiful, and incredibly inspirational women that have a very strong character. “There is a group of women