11 Actors That Let Great Roles Slip Away

5 1 7 6 4k Turning down a role can happen for different reasons. The most popular reason is when the crew and the actors can’t get their schedules to match up. Age also matters. For example, Katee Sackhoff really wanted to be in Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight but it was her

What the Mothers of Admired Celebrities Look Like

6 0 2 0 2k Many celebrities like to share touching pictures of their moms on their Instagram accounts. We were excited to go through these photos and finally meet the women who raised our favorite actors and musicians. We at Bright Side are sure that you don’t need a special occasion to pay

17 Kids That Know Exactly How to Drive Their Parents Crazy

6 0 12 7 2k Being a parent is never an easy task. And even though there are a lot of useful books now that can prepare us for this role, not a single book can prepare you 100%. When you live together with a little angel, you always have to be on the lookout:

Why Doors in Public Bathrooms Don’t Reach the Floor

7 1 10 4 53k People have been paying to use the toilet for nearly 2,000 years. And while today we have free public toilets, they’re still different from regular ones. And it’s not only about a lack of privacy. They have one special detail that catches our attention —

15 People Who Saved One Small Animal and Got a Best Friend for a Lifetime

6 1 6 2 2k “Indifference is scarier than cruelty because cruelty is a rare thing, while indifference can be seen everywhere,” — that’s what the classical literature writers thought in the 19th century and few things have actually changed in the world since then. One of the ways a person is assessed today

What the Lives of Wives Who Have Several Husbands Look Like

8 1 9 3 3k Rajo Verma is a wife of five brothers. Their large family lives in the small town of Dehradun in northern India and together, they raise a son, but no one knows for sure who his biological father is. This is a classic example of a so-called polyandrous family. And we’re not talking

20 Little Known Shows That Are Worth Your Time

4 0 32 1 1k There is a wide range of movies and series to choose from, to the point that it’s sometimes hard to pick what to watch. This is why we took on the task of doing some research, watching, and selecting 20 series that are not very well-known yet, but that depict startling

9 Spectacular Movie Premieres From 2020 That the Whole World Is Talking About

4 0 10 0 1k 2020 is full of impressive movie premieres: there are spectacular blockbusters, nostalgic remakes, social films, and dramas. It seems that in 2020, we will want to go to the movies more often. We at Bright Side are already impatient when it comes to wanting to see these upcoming films from our compilation.