7 Marvel Characters Who Stunned Us With Their Drastic Transformations

4 0 3 0 31.1k For more than 10 years, we’ve been following Marvel superheroes’ destinies, and sometimes the characters’ journeys were more breathtaking than the series as a whole. Many actors who have taken part in these films have become big stars and now have millions of fans

10 Sneaky Hacks Celebs Use to Make Themselves Look Better in Photos

3 2 22 1 13.2k When we scroll through our favorite celebrity photos on social media and look at how gorgeous they are, we can’t help but assume that they’re using photoshop to achieve that flawless look; but let’s face it, nobody has time for that. Their secret is not really

A 5-Minute Workout That Can Make Your Neck Pain Go Away

3 0 41 0 6k Sitting in front of your computer at work, watching TV at home, and using your phone on your commute are all actions that severely affect the health of your neck. In fact, about 45% of working people have suffered from a stiff neck at least once in their life. Luckily, there are

18 Times the Mountain from Game of Thrones Totally Smashed Social Media

5 0 8 1 19.4k The Mountain’s on-screen persona from the hit TV show Game of Thrones instills fear in the hearts of his opponents. But off-screen he is an amicable person who enjoys the simple pleasures of life, like playing with his daughter, taking selfies, and obviously eating pizzas — giant pizzas

20 Fantabulous Times Nature Made the Whole World Smile

7 0 14 2 15.6k Looking at sweet pictures improves our mood but it also improves our productivity, according to this research. And we don’t think there’s anything sweeter than photos of animals! Whether they’re adorable little babies or already grown up, they always make us smile! Bright Side hopes that these