12 Things Fast Food Employees Will Never Tell You

Fast food is now thoroughly embedded in our society, and resisting its temptations is something not everyone is capable of. Bright Side put together a list of 12 tricks that fast food restaurants use to attract customers through their doors and sell them as much as possible. 1. Every product has the exact same taste.

13 Tips to Help You Look Stunning Without Makeup

Every woman possesses a natural allure and charm that help her look inimitable no matter what. True beauty doesn’t need tons of makeup to be appreciated. To create a perfect image, all you need to do is to add a few useful tricks to your arsenal of everyday magic! Today, Bright Side offers you some invaluable advice on how

26 Perfect Tips for Living Life to the Full

We seriously recommend that you take a look at these 26 simple pieces of advice. True, some of them you may not agree with, but we promise you there’s a lot here that will help you find piece of mind, food for thought, and above all, the potential to find the path to happiness. Money

22 Ingenious Practical Jokes for April Fools’ Day

April 1st is the day when you can let your imagination fly and have fun with your friends and colleagues. That’s why we at Bright Side bring you a list of practical jokes to anyone’s liking — from the most innocent ones to those requiring that you run fast enough, because your

20 Hilarious Situations When People Had One Job and Failed Miserably

Every one of us sometimes has a hard time doing our job right on the first attempt, but there are people in the world who somehow manage to screw up even the most obvious of tasks. Bright Side has found 20 such masterpieces from those who forgot to have their morning coffee. Make

Mind-Bending 3D Illusions

Source: YouTube The eye is considered to be the second most complex organ of the human body, but artist Leon Keer has found a way to fool it. Leon uses a lot of techniques and materials (including acrylic paint, solvents, tar, and other) to

Spectacular Aurora Borealis In Norway

Aurora Observatory in Senja Island, Norway has released a breathtaking video which shows what a magical experience the Northern Lights can be. The former term was coined by Galileo all the way back in 1619 and the natural light display occurs when the magnetosphere

Scientists Transform Spinach Leaves Into Working Human Heart Tissue

Scientists from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute have turned a spinach leaf into working human heart tissue, and this could revolutionize the treatment of damaged organs. Newest study by the Worcester Polytechnic Institute revealed an amazing fact about Popeye’s beloved spinach Scientists transformed a spinach leaf into

16 Indispensable Tips for Perfect and Radiant Skin

Makeup helps to accentuate the best in our appearance as well as hide some imperfections. First and foremost, having healthy and clear skin is important to look beautiful. Bright Side decided to find out what makes our skin radiant and glowing. 1. Choose the right products The most important thing in our