14 Kids Who Take Everything Too Literally

Children’s logic is truly unique. Kids often pull off such seemingly obvious tricks that all adults can do is wonder. Well, and giggle on the quiet. Bright Side collected brilliant and undeniable evidence of children’s unique resourcefulness and sagacity. Congratulations, guys! You’ll definitely need it when growing up! window._ttf = window._ttf

14 Songs We Went Crazy About in the ’90s

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15 Great Upsides Of Dating A Confident Man

It's been a centuries long, universal matter: what kind of a man we should date. Handsome, thoughtful, sexy, attractive, charismatic, romantic, etc. We have heard them all, but we are here to tell you the real deal. The man you should date is a

16 Children’s Sayings That Made Their Parents Turn Red With Embarrassment

Sure, kids are cute and fun. But sometimes they can be quite embarrassing. Their spontaneity and lack of discretion are perfectly capable of making their parents turn red with shame and feel an insistent urge to flee somewhere far away. In this article, Bright Side presents you with a collection of hilarious

15 Illustrations That Uncover All The Sickness Of This World!

Tomer Hanuka and Asaf Hanuka are twin brothers from Israel. This artist duo is widely known for their extraordinary paintings which cleverly satire the contemporary society.Here are the most striking works of Hanuka twins! Source: https://brightside.me/creativity-art/15-… 1.  2.  3. Everyone wants to get to the