12 Stories Proving Life Would Be Boring Without Pets

Pets may be a bother when you’re trying to sleep or eat, but you can be sure that they will always keep you entertained. Bright Side “overheard” several hilarious stories proving that animals are so much fun. I was smoking on my balcony one evening. Suddenly I saw the neighbor’s cat crawling along the

12 Unsolved Historical Mysteries Finally Solved

Millennia of history left us with numerous mysteries that scientists still can’t crack. However, thanks to new technologies, parts of them have finally been solved. Bright Side selected a few ancient secrets that our contemporaries managed to unveil. Read to the end to find out an astonishing fact about Christianity! 12. The vanished

14 Reasons Why You’ll Want to Enroll Your Kid in a Finnish School

According to studies, schoolchildren in Finland are among the best pupils in the world. They spend less time in school than kids in other countries, and the amount of time spent on homework is a maximum of 30 minutes per day. Bright Side will reveal to you the secret of education in Finland which is admired all around the

9 Lousy Habits All Confident People Quit

There are bad habits fought over by psychologists all over the world, like talking badly about yourself or gnawing on your misfortunes before bed. They make us feel insecure and unhappy. Bright Side gathered those mistakes undermining our confidence. 9. Being anxious about your imperfections Perfectionism is a result of low

12 Stories That Prove True Love Does Exist

There are some big skeptics out there who don’t believe in love, but you can’t avoid admitting the existence of the sentiment. Bright Side brings you 12 stories confirming that true love is a very real thing. My husband went to the office party for the night. The team was young

10 Astounding Lakes That Can Actually Kill You

Lakes usually instill a feeling of calm and serenity with their clear water and light breezes. But are all lakes safe? Bright Side has put together a list of 10 beautiful yet dangerous lakes where we wouldn’t dare to swim. Would you? 10. A monster in the lake: Brosno (Russia) Locals often see

10 Historical Coincidences That Will Astonish Even Skeptics

Our life is full of amazing events that simply can’t be explained reasonably. Some think they’re omens; others say they’re just coincidences. Bright Side found 10 such eventualities that will make even skeptics doubtful. Read to the end — you’ll want to see what kind of a trump card we have to offer! 10. Olympic,