The 12 Most Famous Offspring of Screen Heroes

When filming new parts of cult cinema franchises, the characters grow, develop, and even manage to acquire offspring. Bright Side decided to collect the 12 most famous offspring of screen heroes. Read to the end to see something interesting. Hint: this is the youngest member of one movie family. Spoiler alert! Guardians of the

9 One-Time Child Beauty Icons: What Do They Look Like Now?

We’re so used to seeing pretty kids’ faces in TV adverts, on product packaging, or on the covers of magazines. At times, it’s difficult to believe that many of those people have already changed beyond recognition. Bright Side invites you to take a look at what some of those famous kids look like today! Kristina Pimenova is one of the

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Sleep Naked

Since a very young age, we are taught to sleep in pajamas and to think that nudity is unacceptable even in sleep…but it feels so good to curl up in bed without any clothes on! Good news: Bright Side has gathered evidence that shows it’s not only enjoyable to sleep naked but also good for your health. Here

16 Cool Signs Explaining the Difference Between M and F

Even when it comes to such little things as bathroom signs, truly talented people find ways to express their creativity. Of course, the trick here is not to make it too subtle, or people might walk into the wrong bathroom in confusion. Bright Side found some very clever bathroom signs which did an excellent job

12 Details We Never Noticed On “Friends”

Although the last episode of Friends aired 13 years ago, some of us never get bored of watching our favorite TV series over and over again. Still, even the biggest fan may have missed a couple of small details about the show. We at Bright Side carried out our own “research” and discovered

7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Child

Being a parent requires responsibility even when it comes to word choice. Inadvertently uttered phrases may change a child’s worldview or make them develop poor morals. Bright Side learned about phrases that negatively affect children’s mental development and altered them for the better. 7. “You should listen to adults.” Hearing

15 Items Whose True Purpose Will Surprise You

Many things we use daily were invented for a totally different reason and have a pretty interesting origin. Bright Side collected 15 well-known things you wouldn’t guess the initial use of. 15. Bumps on cup covers Usually, there are several cups of drinks waiting for clients in a kitchen, and they’re covered so they

9 Celebrity Myths People Still Believe

Rumors about famous people started going around long before the Internet was invented, and once it came into existence, the Web was flooded with endless juicy celebrity gossip. Some of it has become so hip that people actually started to believe it. Bright Side found 9 ridiculous stories and concluded that

7 Genius Ways to End Any Argument Immediately

Every couple argues, and this is normal. However, if a conflict is prolonged, it can lead to a deplorable outcome. Bright Side shares how to extinguish a conflict so that you don’t regret every word of it. 7. Don’t criticize the person. Criticizing your partner’s personality will only aggravate the situation, especially if you do it deliberately. Do not