29 Photos From People Whose Parents Are Joke-Savvy

Everyone likes to laugh, and even strict and serious parents can crack a joke from time to time. We at Bright Side know that such parents truly exist and decided to introduce you to people who have parents with a fantastic sense of humor. 29. Father brought us to the water park. We are 24 years old.

11 Countries in the World Where Women Are in High Demand

Demography is a strange thing. In one country, the female population strongly outweighs the male; in some others, there are more men. The scales are tilted by migrants, housing problems, and even mentality. We at Bright Side have compiled a list of countries that lack women. Tell us in the comments where you’d go to save the

17 Inspirational People Whose Willpower Deserves Our Applause

People often judge us by our looks. However, if you decide to change your looks, do it not to please others but for your own comfort and happiness. Bright Side gathered 17 photos of people who knew exactly what they wanted to change in their looks and had enough willpower and determination to do it. Their results

29 Pictures Where Reality Looks Way Cooler Than Any Sort of Photoshop

No photo editor can match what nature itself creates. Bright Side has gathered 29 real photographs that have no equal among Photoshopped images. “This giant fireball is a cloud I’ve seen in Morocco.” These fabulous autumn colors are in a Japanese garden in Portland. “Mom decorated the windows for Easter, and now the

29 Pictures That Are a Sight for Any Perfectionist’s Sore Eyes

Bright Side has decided that in a life full of chaos, mess, and disharmony, sometimes you must simply pamper yourself with little doses of pictures like these. We invite you on a 2-minute tour of the world where everything is fascinatingly perfect. My grandpa plays the double bass, and they are just made for

6 Mistakes a Woman Should Avoid to Be Financially Independent

You can find a lot of articles on the internet about topics like “How to help your man boost his financial growth.” Women’s financial independence often goes unnoticed. We at Bright Side want to encourage you to pay more attention to yourself and check how good you are at dealing with your own finances.

16 Beautiful Sculptures From All Over the World Made for Mothers With Love

Nagasaki University in Japan conducted research that showed children can react to their mother’s mood when she is watching a movie while they are still in the womb. This is more proof that we are strongly connected to our mothers from the very beginning of our lives. Bright Side has collected sculptures and

16 Visual Proofs That Having a Neighbor Can Be Pretty Hilarious

Your neighbor can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Yet we at Bright Side believe he can also be an unending source of fun. Wanna see? Unplanned parenthood When the police station is next to the fire station: 2 girls vs 2 guys in their apartments My sister and her husband live in a small town. They came

9 Everyday Things That Can Bring More Harm Than Good

We keep buying and using products that were created to bring ease to our lives, and it would be hard to imagine that the daily harmless routines performed by millions could hide any potential danger. But the reality is bound to surprise you. Bright Side made a list of things you use every day that

18 Hilarious Morning Sights People Actually Woke Up To

How often do you look around to see what’s going on? Some people don’t notice any strangeness surrounding them. Let’s see what can happen to any of us, get inspired by this, and start discovering things to make our day better. Bright Side shares with you amusing ways of starting a day and