20 People Who Have Broken All the Laws of Logic

4 0 9 1 13k Things are made with a purpose — they have labels to avoid mix-ups, that ready-to-drink juice box has a special spot to be poked with a straw, there are written statements that make a point, and fixable items, so you don’t always have to buy new ones when they

18 X-rays That Will Tell You More About Your Body Than Anatomy Textbooks

5 1 13 1 3.3k The human body is a perfect mechanism. While you are working, sleeping, and playing sports, your body is pumping blood and the brain is working tirelessly. We wouldn’t have been able to see all these processes without the invention of Wilhelm Röntgen: 120 years ago he discovered

20+ Encounters That Can Get Stuck In Your Memory for Good

7 1 11 3 12.4k Sometimes streets and public transportation resemble Wonderland. You never know who you’re going to meet next: a knight or Rapunzel, a night fairy at the vending machine, or Darth Vader’s wife who sits next to you on the plane. At Bright Side, we want to thank the people who’ve managed

10 Embarrassing Movie Scenes That Actors Would Love to Forget

2 0 4 1 8.1k Actors often regret certain scenes in the movies they act in. Sometimes they agree to take part in dubious film projects, other times they end up being exhausted both mentally and physically, and many times they’ll look silly without even realizing it. Actors will often

Study Shows That People Who Cry During Movies Are Emotionally Stronger

3 0 5 3 6.1k Stories like Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, or The Notebook, have caused many to grab the tissue box at least once. However, a lot of people believe that crying during movies is nothing but a sign of weakness. Well, guess what, that thought couldn’t be more wrong! Paul J. Zak,