20 Food Hacks We’ve Tried and Loved

6 0 15 2 5k Dust in cereal is actually quite easy to get rid of, and so are flies that fly around your food during the summer months. Finding unusual yet helpful tools in ordinary things is always a good idea, especially when it comes to handling certain products so that they keep bringing

How to Tell the Difference Between Perfume, Cologne, and Eau de Toilette

11 0 30 3 26k When standing in a boutique and choosing a fragrance, most people don’t usually pay attention to a particular type of perfume and just buy what they like. And a vast majority of people don’t know what “eau fraiche” stands for. Finding the right type of scent is just as important

What Our Favorite Cartoons Look Like in Other Countries

7 0 5 1 13k Sometimes animated shows get changed here and there when they get translated. In addition to that, a lot of famous cartoons are based on popular old stories and books, meaning different countries might have their own animated version of the same story. Spain actually released

24 Emotional Photos That Will Touch Every Soul and Warm Every Heart

10 0 10 4 19k Some photos are so much more than frozen images, there’s a story behind them, sometimes an entire life. Take a little time when you go through them, each one is full of emotions: happiness, sorrow, joy, and relief. The only thing they’re missing is indifference. We at Bright Side

22 Appalling Everyday Troubles Each of Us Can’t Stand

6 0 13 1 9k Frustration sometimes comes from unexpected things. Whether it’s a particularly sticky price tag, a broken ring on a can, unstoppable messages from your supermarket, or a badly ripped cuticle. Every time these things happen, you can’t help but be so annoyed. At Bright Side we can relate to all the

10 Types of Foot Baths and Which Health Problems They Can Solve

5 1 27 1 10k It’s not necessary to go to a spa professional to get a treatment that will give you a range of health benefits. Foot soaks can be prepared at very little expense and with ingredients that can be found in every household (they rarely require more than 5 things). These remedies can stimulate

11 Common Words You’re Probably Using Wrong

13 0 23 0 14k Take a closer look at the word “awful” — although you assume you can use it when talking about something “full of awe,” in reality, this adjective has a completely opposite meaning. That being said, sometimes we tend to use lots of other English words the wrong way without