18 Hand Gestures That Can Make You More Appealing

3 1 39 2 8k Picking the skin off your fingers while talking, twirling your hair, or crossing your arms can kill your charisma. Instead, use appropriate and powerful gestures to charge you with self-confidence and instantly lure in people all around you. Opening your palms, putting

18 People Who Totally Don’t Care About the Laws of Logic

9 0 9 2 11k How often do you get confused when a stranger or one of your friends does something that defies common sense? For example, when they bookmark a page with the help of a taco, decorate the steering wheel with rhinestones, or try to eliminate the consequences of a flood in their yard

14 Coincidences That Can Make You Believe in Virtually Anything

13 2 14 2 13k Coincidences are not random. Otherwise, how can the photos from our compilation be explained? It is interesting to figure out who is responsible for cool coincidences like identical people, mysterious things, and even the dog that is not even a dog. We at Bright Side know that there