18 Truly Remarkable Photos Everyone Needs To See

The world is genuinely full of amazing things, some that you could never have imagined existed if you didn’t see them with your own eyes. Discovering them, one wonder at a time, is what makes life so exciting. We at Bright Side put together a selection of 18 of the most exciting moments that have been captured

15 Reasons Why It’s Better to Be 30 Than 20

We here at Bright Side believe that life is just beginning after you turn 40. Here are 15 powerful arguments to prove that getting older is amazingly awesome. You no longer have to hide your weird habits and hobbies The list of people whose opinion matters to me now How I feel when someone younger asks

30 Uses For Coconut Oil You Haven’t Heard Before

Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids, the beneficial effect of which shows itself both when taken by mouth and used externally. Bright Side brings to your attention 30 situations where this unique product is simply indispensable. For health When you get a cut or a small wound. Coconut oil contributes to faster wound healing.

These Shoes Have Changeable Heels

Mime et moi has created shoes that can have low heels for the morning and high ones for the evening. The heels vary not only in height, but in shape, and color as well.

The 12 Most Inspiring Good Deeds of 2016 That Made Us Proud of Humanity

Our experiences from this year convinced us that people with big hearts and kind generous natures do exist in this world. Doing good to others doesn’t always require a person to have special skills or talents. Mighty deeds are often the work of ordinary people, and each of us can contribute to making this

The Hottest Animal Doctor Ever

Source: YouTube Remember Evan Antin, a California-based vet that we wrote about some time ago? The hottest animal doctor continues to save animals so we made this little video to show him in action. Being an animal expert and exotic animal veterinarian, Antin spent

Anonymouse Are Opening Tiny Shops For Mice In Sweden

Anonymouse was fed up with the lack of shops for rodents, so they decided to open a couple of them at once. The 70×30 cm (about 25×12 inch) stores are located in Malmö, Sweden and they have wide menus that mice can choose their

16 Graphs Showing Standard Life Scenarios in Various Countries

We often hear about the things we “should“ do by a certain age. A traditional view of the ”proper” course of our lives exists in every culture and is passed on from generation to generation. For example, getting an education and subsequently starting a family are often expected to take place within certain age limits. We at Bright Side decided to find