20 People Who Clearly Don’t Care Anymore

The society we live in has a lot of expectations about our behavior, the way we look and dress, and other aspects of our lives. We’re used to living in a world full of rules we have to follow, and most of the time we feel OK about that. But every now and then, we all get the feeling that

10 People With Superpowers We Can Only Dream Of

With all of the DC and Marvel movies coming out, we are quick to admire the superheroes’ strength, agility, and other cool stuff that makes them superhuman. But what about the people who don’t appear in movies but still possess awesome superpowers? We at Bright Side found 10 totally amazing humans who

10 Major Differences Between Childhood in North Korea and Other Countries

Everyday life in North Korea is not something we often see. Sometimes the curtain lifts, and we get a chance to see how the adults live their lives. However, we know very little about the younger citizens. Is there anything about their lives that is different from the lives of our children? We at Bright Side

17 Insane Design Ideas That Cause Both Laughter and Tears

This world is full of things that can’t be explained logically. Are they the result of irresponsibility or malicious intent? Does anyone think things really work that way? Anyway, thanks to certain designers, there are many funny things that we want to share with you. Bright Side invites you to have a look at a compilation

15 Amazing Animals You Would Love to Have

What was your pet growing up? A dog? A cat? Well, times have changed, and now you can see how people all over the world take incredible creatures to raise and love as household animals. Bright Side made a list of peculiar and adorable pets that are extremely unusual. A lot of people

Photographers Reveal the Beauty of People From Different Ethnic Backgrounds

Mixed is a documentary-artistic project by TheNorDar magazine. It focuses on what it is like to be a person who hails from several different ethnic backgrounds. Over a year and a half, the magazine organized a weekly interview and photo session with a new individual. The results formed the basis of a fascinating exhibition. Today Bright Side presents you with

20 Ridiculous Things Banned in Schools Around the World

School life can be pretty tough for kids with all the studying and growing up they have to do. It gets worse when teachers (a.k.a. adults) start imposing bans on things, especially if they are the things you love the most. We at Bright Side found 20 ridiculous bans in schools around the world.

30+ Winter Tattoos That Are Too Perfect Not to Fall in Love With

Soft snowy sidewalks, Christmas magic, mulled wine, fresh and frosty air… These are the things we love about winter! And some people believe it should last forever. As Mother Nature thinks in a different way, winter fans choose to leave a reminder of the white fairy-tale season on their bodies. Bright Side found

25 Life Surprises No One Saw Coming

Even if your expectations have nothing in common with reality, don’t get upset: life wouldn’t be so interesting without surprises! Bright Side collected several funny examples of times when nothing went as planned. We bet something like this has happened to you, hasn’t it? When the mother understands that her baby girl

6 Types of Body Fat and How to Get Rid of It

There are numerous ways to get rid of excess weight and we can easily find hundreds of studies and thousands of tips nowadays. But the problem is that a certain method can be helpful for one person and completely useless for another. It happens because we all have different body types and that is why