10 Ways to Emulate a Smart Person

While some scientists are arguing about whether it’s possible to develop your intelligence level over the course of your life or whether you are limited by your genes, others are working on solving more pressing problems. They found out how to at least look smarter than we really are. Bright Side made

18 Photographs Anyone Should See at Least Once

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27 Non-Scientific Discoveries That Could Change Your Life

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15 Impressive Pictures of What Winter Looks Like Around the World

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12 Tweets From People Whose Sense of Humor Keeps the Internet Alive

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Scientists Determined 12 Weird But True Signs to Tell If a Person Is Intelligent

While some scientists argue which of the indicators is more important — the intelligence quotient (IQ) or emotional intelligence (EQ) — others conduct more comprehensive research to understand how some factors including appearance and behavior can influence a person’s intellectual abilities. And they come up with very unexpected conclusions. It turns out that