11 Successful Products That Were Originally Intended for Something Else

We celebrate inventions every day by using electricity, mechanical devices, or just simple everyday stuff around the house — but believe it or not, plenty of things were made for some other purpose before they won our hearts over. If those items tickle your curiosity, Bright Side have an interesting list for you —

27 Everyday Things That Designers Turned Into Really Cool Stuff

With today’s abundance of goods, it’s difficult to surprise anyone with a convenient and functional design. Therefore, manufacturers have to use their imagination to the fullest extent in order to grab the attention of potential customers. Bright Side collected 27 original creations that definitely stand out among others. This notebook looks like a silver

A Photoshop Wizard Turns Random Photos Into Epic Movie Posters

Reddit user under the name of Your_Post_As_A_Movie made himself a name by turning photos into amazing movie posters. That is truly a form of art. We have selected several of his works for you to fall in love with, just like we at Bright Side did. Talent like this should not go unnoticed. Which “movie” would you

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15 Internet Reviews That Are Even Better Than the Purchase Itself

When we want to buy something or when we choose a place to stay, we usually read the reviews very carefully and thank the people who leave very detailed comments about a product. But sometimes they are so well-written that they look like they were written by professionals. These guys are so good at writing reviews

10 Ordinary Things That Drag Us Down

It’s often the small and unnoticeable details that end up spoiling our mood. In this article, we will reveal what those tiny mistakes are in the hopes of helping you prevent unwanted consequences later. Bright Side put together a list of things and habits that can leave you feeling drained. At the

How Famous Characters Will Look If They’re Deprived of Their Main Feature

Some cinema characters’ images are so famous and recognizable to us that we can’t even imagine them looking differently. But what if we slightly modify their well-known haircuts and outfits? Bright Side decided to experiment with certain characters’ appearances, and got some really extravagant results. Let’s have a look! Jack Sparrow,