Tricks You Wish You Knew Before Your Weight Loss

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine technique based on the concept of life energy that travels around our bodies. This technique works on several pressure points, which are connected with some major organs in the body. By applying pressure to these points correctly, you can treat a wide range of conditions and health problems.

10 Powerful Psychology Tricks to Get What You Want

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we can barely control our actions. In this case, it doesn’t refer to emotional outbursts but rather situations where someone tries to intrude in your mind and change things there. Bright Side describes powerful tricks of psychological influence that will help you recognize situations where someone

14 Secret Culinary Hacks Used by Restaurant Chefs

Those who cook often know that sometimes being in the kitchen is a true hell: oil splatters, meat burns, and the eggs you just bought have turned bad. We at Bright Side love overcoming challenges. This is why we’ve collected the 14 most useful culinary hacks that will save your time

7 Ways to Look Even Better at 35 Than You Did at 25

Every woman wants to look stylish, regardless of her age. Today Bright Side presents some easy and useful tips on how to achieve that perennially attractive look while avoiding mistakes! These types of skirts and dresses are one of your best options. They visually lengthen the figure and hide imperfections.

10 Photos Proving That 2007 Was a Very Long Time Ago

We will always remember 2007 because of long bangs, pink shoelaces, and the boom of self-expression in the streets. We used to listen to Tokio Hotel and chat with our friends via ICQ. We were trying to get used to Windows Vista, and we were waiting for the last Harry Potter book. It’s been 10 years

19 Photos Showing Great People Making the World a Better Place

It’s not very difficult to make this world a better place: it just requires everyone to put life into their work and follow their heart. Let’s start doing it today! To inspire you, Bright Side has found several photos of great people doing their work marvelously and even saving lives. 19.

The 23 Best Acts of Vandalism That Will Make Your Day

There are always two ways of doing anything: you can either give it your all, or slack off. The author’s attitude will always be reflected in the final result. Street art is no different in this respect: some works won’t catch anyone’s eye, whilst others will become true masterpieces that cleverly interact

14 Secrets Behind the Meanings of Famous Logos

Have you ever thought about what inspired designers to create famous logos and what the story behind them is? Perhaps they were an accidental creation? Bright Side couldn’t live without knowing the answers to these questions, so here is a list of the most interesting among them. See for yourself! 14. Disney

The 16 Rarest Cat Breeds Ever

We at Bright Side adore these graceful and majestic creatures. Today we invite you to learn more about the rarest cats that can be found all over the world. We bet you hadn’t heard of them before today! 1. Black-footed cat This is one of the smallest cat breeds and can be found only

14 Modern Buildings That Are Impossible To Forget

Everyone has heard of the 7 Wonders of the World from ancient times. But we at Bright Side decided to figure out which modern buildings could complete the list of wonders. And we found a lot. Just look at these buildings — they boggle the imagination with their incredible lines. Our civilization can be proud of such