Will Smith’s Oldest Son Is Already 27 and Always Enjoys Spending Time With His Dad (No, This Time It’s Not About Jaden)

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A cool singer, a great actor, an excellent father, and just a guy who everybody loves — Will Smith, and his children Jaden and Willow, have an international reputation. But many people do not know that Will also has a first-born from his first marriage, named Trey.

Here at Bright Side we were pleasantly surprised to learn about Will Smith`s oldest son, his occupation and interests, and the ups and downs in their father-son relationship throughout the years.

Fresh Prince and Men In Black star Will Smith is 51 now, but he is not lagging behind the trends — he has 40 million followers on Instagram and a couple of online shows, where he tries to be completely honest with his viewers. Will also does not hide the fact that his family life is not perfect, that Jada is not his first wife, or that he has 3 children, including 27-year-old son Trey from his first marriage.

In 1992, when Will was 24, he married Sheree Zampino. Their son, Willard Carroll “Trey” Smith III, was born that same year on November 11. They divorced 3 year later, in 1995.

The Smith family hasn’t been shy about discussing their family dynamics — Will’s wife Jada has her own Facebook Show “Red Table Talk,” where she and Will, along with their children, open up a lot of family issues they’ve had to deal with. On one of the episodes Will talked about how he met Jada and realized that he was married to the wrong person, but also knew he would never get a divorce. But, as he shared, Sheree divorced him herself later on.

The movie star admitted that he failed at most of his first son’s life, who felt betrayed and abandoned after the divorce, and added that you can’t really fix everything just by spending weekends with your child. But as Will shares, he is going to devote the rest of his life to making up for it. And as far as we can see, he’s doing pretty well!

Not long ago, Will posted a video of him sitting in his hotel room in Abu Dhabi, where he filmed an episode for his Facebook show “Bucket List” with Trey. Will shared that Trey said to him the other day “You know what dad? I just realized you’re not just my dad. I’m pretty sure you’re my best friend.” and left it without comment, but his trembling lips said everything he couldn’t put into words.

Will himself admits that he made mistakes in bringing up his children, and his relationship with all 3 of them was not always smooth. Will commented on one of his “Bucket List” episodes that, in recent years, his relationship with his oldest son Trey have become completely new, that there’s been enough wisdom and emotional development to create a loving friendship.

Trey followed in his father’s footsteps and connected his life with music — he’s a DJ and an electronic music producer and goes by the stage name AcE Nation. He’s also active on social media and has over 700k followers.

On his Instagram account he shares photos of himself with his half-siblings Jaden and Willow.

He also likes to post personal photos, including Christmas pics with the whole family or throw-back shots with his siblings, his dad, and his moms Sheree and Jada.

By the way, the relationship between Trey’s mom and Jada was also not always smooth — they spoke about this on a special “Red Table Talk” episode. Now the 2 women are friends and Trey considers both of them his mothers and shares their joint photos on Instagram.

The complicated story of his relationship with his oldest son makes us fall in love with the Smith family even more! Do you know of any other inspirational Hollywood parent-kid examples? We`d be happy to hear from you in the comment section below!

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