Scientists Explain Why Doing Nothing Makes You More Creative

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Around 72% of people claim they get the most brilliant ideas in the shower. Do you think our inspiration can be triggered by a relaxing moment, like taking a shower, or is it completely unpredictable? Sometimes we can push ourselves into moments of high creativity and sometimes we find our muse in a really unexpected place.

We at Bright Side got curious about how inspiration works and found out why the “science of doing nothing” is actually a thing.

It is not a big secret that our world gets busier by the day. And sometimes because of this we feel that we’re just burnt out. Well, we have good news! Doing nothing is crucial for creativity! Our brains are at their most innovative level when they’re resting, not when they’re working.

It is not about being lazy and postponing things all the time. It is literally about the art of doing nothing. It is essential for our creativity to just stop and relax. You might get bored and feel like nothing is going on or that you’re missing something. But this isn’t true! It’s exactly at this time that your mind gets the perfect opportunity to generate something genius. The legend about Isaac Newton and the apple immediately comes to mind. He found the answer when he was doing literally nothing, not when he was busy and searching.

It has been proven that meditation helps you to improve your personal health and reduce stress. And it is also well-known that a 10 or 20 minute nap can significantly increase your productivity. It was recently found that students who were disconnected for a week from social networks became more satisfied and their positive emotions increased. The fact that no extra information was coming into their brains brought them into a state of rest and peace.

Our society and culture always push us to work more and study more. But we also need to know that the art of doing nothing can solve a lot of problems and keep us away from overloading our brains and triggering psychological failure. Pause and renew your system, and your body will thank you by using this space to bring you brilliant ideas.

So, when you suddenly become tired of your favorite job, hobby, or social media account, listen to your body. Just stop and let the world wait for you. Master Yoda received his wisdom while he was in a peaceful state, not by chaotically searching for the truth.

When was the last time you did literally nothing? Do you think it helped your creativity? Meditate on the answer and tell us in the comments, and share this article with your friends who might need a creative boost!

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