Russian Farmers Put Cows in VR, and We’re in a Rush to Find Out Why

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There is a growing trend in agriculture to focus on animals’ well-being. And while farmers from different countries install automatic scrubbing brushes and turn relaxing music on, Russian specialists are onto something very different. They decided to put cows in the “mootrix” and created VR glasses for them.

We at Bright Side were surprised to learn about this weird experiment, and now we’re ready to tell you what it’s all about.

Cows look at green meadows.

If you look at the photo above you might think that this is a futuristic movie set, but you’d be wrong. The glasses were specifically created to show cows a lovely summer field. Some previous studies have shown that stressed-out animals produce less milk because of their reduced appetite and health issues. The specialists believe that this new tool can help cows relax and increase their milk production.

The program was developed based on research conducted by Wageningen University & Research. It turns out that environmental conditions are able to significantly impact animals’ health and the quality of their milk.

According to the press release issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food for the Moscow Region, IT experts managed to create a unique pair of glasses that have been adapted to the anatomical structure of a cows head. They also took into account the differences in a cow’s vision — they’re better at processing the color red, than blue or green.

Cows became more calm and their mood improved.

The first results showed that the cows’ anxiety decreased and their overall emotional mood got better. The researchers confirm that they’ll continue to study the impact of VR glasses on overall milk production.

It could be a marketing stunt.

Although this news was published on the official site of the Russian Ministry, there’re some doubts as to whether it’s true. It’s not exactly known where the experiment was held and who created those glasses. More to the point, there isn’t any other proof that could show a description of the VR headset or videos of cows wearing them. At the end of the day, what we can say is that it could be a cool way to challenge the problem.

Do you believe this news? In your opinion, is it ok to use new technology in this way?

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