People Who Got Tired of Extra Weight Share Their New Looks. Now Even Their Mothers Don’t Recognize Them

Almost 30% of the world’s population suffers from obesity and only a few of them dare to change themselves for the better. Some manage to do it really fast like John Lipsey, the chief editor of a fitness magazine. He found out that he was going to become a father soon and decided to lose weight. He managed to change his figure completely in just 2 months and all of that happened without a complex diet or the help of a professional trainer. However, other people might require years, harsh diets, and constant physical activity to lose weight. Any way that it’s accomplished, it’s worth it. In this article, we have collected inspiring photos for you of people whose strong willpower helped them to become better versions of themselves.

We at Bright Side found at least 18 of these transformations.

Now Amy feels extremely happy when she easily manages to jump into her husband’s arms.

This beautiful girl’s disability didn’t stop her from playing sports or losing 55 lbs in 3 years.

And here is the very editor that turned his tummy into a 6-pack in 8 weeks.

This girl has lost almost 220 lbs in 2 years.

This girl’s weight loss lasted for 10 years. She lost 65 lbs and it seems that she looks even younger now.

Tony Bussey decided to lose weight when during an evacuation he occupied 2 places and another person couldn’t get onto the plane he was on.

Not only did this guy lose weight but he also found his new vocation — he is now a trainer.

What a nice and elegant waist that was hiding behind those extra pounds. A real hourglass!

Now this man is 300 lbs lighter.

Tony Bussey decided to lose weight when during an evacuation he occupied 2 places and another person couldn’t get onto the plane he was on.

Kate had lost weight by counting calories and training, but she wasn’t happy being super skinny because of an eating disorder and an endless hatred for her body. Now everything has changed — she is not thinking about food anymore, plays sports for pleasure, and feels really beautiful.

This girl found her ideal weight and now she is happy.

This guy lost weight twice in 5 years while his charisma has increased 100 times.

This girl lost half of her body weight in 3 years and now has changed beyond recognition.

The angle matters, for sure, but the loss of 140 lbs also played its role in this photo.

Mother and daughter lost almost 220 lbs between them, and now neither can pass by a mirror without doing a double-take.

Father and son found motivation in each other — the difference between these photos is 5 years. The son has matured, while the father has become younger.

Transformations make some people realize how strong their relationship is.

He lost 200 lbs and now he is feeling proud of himself like never before.

The difference between these photos is one year and 115 lbs.

After losing 190 lbs in 2 years, this girl finally found her true persona.

This girl lost 100 lbs in just one year.

At first, she hesitated to post this photo of her obese body on social media. But when she finally did it, she got a lot of motivation from the comments of her followers and friends. All of this support triggered her to start shaping up her body, which she has successfully accomplished.

Whose transformation impressed you the most? Can you also brag about the same drastic changes in your appearance? If yes, please tell us about your weight loss experience in the comments!

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