Food Aging Time-Lapse

Nothing kills appetite like finding a stinky colony of bacteria and fungi on your bite. Collectively called saprophytes, these microbes are the primary decomposers of all dead organic matter. They are airborne or may be transferred to food by contact. Some foods have a smooth, dry skin that is a natural barrier to bacteria and fungi and undamaged fruit may not decompose appreciably for several days, even at room temperature. But if the skin is broken by bruising or cutting, microbes have an entrance into the moist interior of the fruit. Decomposition then occurs rapidly. TEMPONAUT Timelapse has created a series of videos that explore these procesess. They have spent days (for example, 19 for strawberries) and months (2 for pineapple) recording these timelapses. Just remember – to save food from this kind of slow and agonizing death, just eat it and its suffering will be over much quicker.