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Gyroscopic Grill

The gyroscope has many practical uses (think land, air, and space) but this one will surprise even the most experienced physicists. Gualberto Elizondo has shared a video of a gyroscope grill and it has the internet drooling. Gyroscopes are perfect for maintaining orientation, so ...Read More

Elegant Cat Walk

Even highly-paid professional models sometimes have difficulties nailing the catwalk, but this American Shorthair definitely knows how to rock it. Although, at first her new ‘accessory’ was rather a necessity. “My cat had surgery recently, so she wore a fabric collar.” her human explains. ...Read More

Heat-Activated Hair Color

Pranava is releasing a line of products that make hair change its color like tree leaves in Autumn. However, the secret of the highly anticipated Vivids Mood Color isn’t photosynthesis. It’s temperature. “What makes it unique is that it’s the first-ever heat reactive color ...Read More

Here Come The Ears

Until now, you probably haven’t seen a doggo that plays with its pillow, looking like a hedgehog inside a croissant. You’re welcome. Charmy is a charming Shiba girl who is only 2 years old but has already conquered the hearts of over 197,000 Instagram ...Read More

Japanese Paper Toys With A Surprise

The Japanese are known for their incredible origami, but Haruki Nakamura creates paper art that most find even more entertaining. Born in 1967, the designer changed his life at 27, when he picked up the encyclopedia of paper craft techniques. His interactive creations include ...Read More

The End Result Will Give You Nightmares

Norway-based artist Karolina Maria probably celebrates Halloween every day of the year. The 21-year-old regularly uploads freakishly realistic and equally terrifying makeup transformations to her Instagram account which already has more than 368,000 followers. For this particular masterpiece (the Sewed Shut Mouth), Karolina used ...Read More

First 100 Days Of A Panda’s Growth

The International Union for Conservation of Nature no longer classifies the giant panda as an endangered species because from 2003 up until recently the populations have risen by approximately 17 percent. This means that more and more panda babies are coming to the world. ...Read More