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Artist Dustin Yellin Creates 3D Collages In Layers Of Glass

“I make window sandwiches,” says artist Dustin Yellin. His glass sculptures decorated the historic Lincoln Center with their luminosity, transparency, and colorful ornamentation to coincide with New York City Ballet‘s winter season. Yellin encased layers of translucent glass sheets and created human silhouettes by ...Read More

Artist Folds Books Into Sculptures

We usually don’t judge books by their outsides but dammit can Japanese artist Yuto Yamaguchi make them look good. Yuto, aka OruFun, uses a technique similar to Luciana Frigerio‘s and without any scissors folds the pages of books into intricate popular culture designs. Not ...Read More

Giant Marionettes Take Over Montreal

Marionettes as tall as 5 storey houses strolled along the streets of Montreal during the city’s 375th birthday on May 17th, 2017. The performance began in Jeanne-Mance Park with the Little Girl-Giant waking up in front of hundreds of people and continued for 3 ...Read More

Incredible Precision Of 1,700-Yr-Old Painting Technique

Oegil Kim Kyeong Ho’s incredibly intricate sutra transcriptions are stunning even at first glance but they become even more unbelievable once you hear the story behind them. Like this video by Flushing Town Hall shows, Kim follows the 1,700-year-old tradition of sutra transcription that ...Read More

Amazing Finger Kaleidoscope Dance

Dancers’ bodies have extraordinary grace, and as it turns out even their fingers can build mesmerizing performances. StatusSilver has uploaded a video of the Kaleidoscope Dance, performed by XTRAP, a dance entertainment trio from Japan. Folding their joints into complicated patterns, XTRAP came up ...Read More

Blooming Cactus Flower Timelapse

Cacti are spiky and some people find that repelling but once in a while these sharp fellows release some of the most radiant colors in the floral world. Someone who goes by the nickname Echinopsis Freak is dedicated to capturing the beauty of blooming ...Read More

Luggage That You Can Ride

We can finally ride our luggage instead of carrying it. Modobag is the first motorized suitcase in the world, and it can reach 8 mph (12.8 kph), which can seem really fast when you’re that riding so low to the ground. Modobag is a ...Read More

Realistic Body Anatomy Art

Danny Quirk’s (previously here) realistic anatomical paintings look like portals that let us take a peek inside the human body to explore its inner workings. To create them, Quirk mostly uses liquid latex, acrylic paint, and Sharpies. “For whatever reason, people tend to view ...Read More

Painting Self-Portrait In Front Of The Mirror

Self-portraits have been around since the earliest times, but it wasn’t until the mid-15th century that artists started frequently depicting themselves as the main subject or as other important characters in their work. The reasons are simpler than you think – cheaper mirrors and ...Read More