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10 Unusual Technological Habits Of North Koreans!

Life inside North Korea is mostly unveiled due to their governmental policy. The country still maintains to live behind the curtains due to governmental policies of Kim Jong-un. Although most of the internet access is restricted, there are situations where citizen can reach out ...Read More

20 Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind

Here are 20 marvellous inventions which are simply superb in their simplicity and ability to solve those annoying little problems we all come up against. window._ttf = window._ttf || ; _ttf.push({ pid : 52944 ,lang : “en” ,slot : ‘.js-video-adv’ ,format : “inread” ,mobile : false ,minSlot : 1 ...Read More

This Lamp Has A Levitating Switch

This lamp is breaking away from traditions, with a switch in mid-air. Its unique design brings magic into your life. We, from Allocacoc DesignNest, are helping designers to realize their product ideas into the market. ...Read More

Wood Art Made With Electricity

Source: Youtube Workshop Canadian Woodworks are decorating wooden furniture in the way you’d least expect – using electrical discharge. They have been burning Lichtenberg figures (branching tree-like patterns) on their products and they look absolutely mesmerizing. Lichtenberg figures are named after the German physicist ...Read More