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20+ People Who Hilariously Life Hacked Their Way Out of a Problem

Now and then we all find ourselves in situations that call for creativity and improvisation. If you want to make soup but have no cooker, or if you can’t cut your pizza because you don’t have a knife, don’t worry. The people featured in our compilation have demonstrated amazing resourcefulness and out-of-the-box-thinking and ...Read More

21 Examples of Urban Design We Want to See in Every City

Urban planning is not a modern phenomenon but it has been evolving since ancient times. For example, when railways were introduced, it was a big achievement for humankind. Similarly, no one thought that high rise buildings would ever be possible during our human existence. However, mankind made great progress and started ...Read More

7 Sitz Bath Recipes Your Body Will Thank You For

A sitz bath, also known as a hip bath, is a type of bath where you sit your buttocks and hips in warm water. You can do it in a bathtub or a large basin. Normally it is used for healing purposes like relieving discomfort in the bottom part of the body and reducing inflammation, irritation, or pain. These baths are recommended ...Read More

20 True-Born Savages Who Seriously Crossed the Line (New Pics)

Rules are everywhere. Don’t touch the wall, don’t go beyond the line, don’t step on the grass — it’s so tempting to break them and see what happens! Yet we’re good boys and girls, so we refuse to yield to our darkest desires. Well, these guys don’t mind breaking the rules or even interpreting ...Read More

13 Things We Realized After We Rescued a Shelter Dog

Adopting an animal is a responsible decision that changes the dog’s, and even your own, life. Bird Born, an artist from Russia, tells a story of a dog that became a true member of his family. Together they managed to go through fire and water and Bird Born knows that each ripped pillow is worth that ...Read More

11 Beauty Hacks You’ve Been Looking for Your Whole Life

To look 100% awesome, you don’t have to waste money on expensive cosmetic treatments or buy pricey products. There are some life hacks that can save you money and time and we’re going to tell you about them. Bright Side has already collected a few tips to use in the future. It’s ...Read More