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10 Mistakes Most Parents Regret Making

6 16 2 77.8k All parents want their children to have the best lives possible. Many of them work in order to be able to buy new toys for them, others are strict because they want their children to be disciplined and goal-oriented, others give their children a choice and teach them to make ...Read More

12 Terrific Movies From 2018 That Do Deserve an Oscar

2 16 1 22.9k The time has come to sum up the great things from the previous year — and that includes choosing movies worthy of an Oscar nomination. A lot of great movies were released during 2018, but only a few were well received by viewers and critics. Let’s recall together which ...Read More

18 Types of Buyers That Can Make Any Sellers’ Eyes Twitch

1 0 1 9.5k When going shopping, some people leave both their conscience and good manners at home. Their behavior in shops and supermarkets can be described with one short phrase: “devil-may-care”. And all sellers are left to do is give them scorching looks because “a client is always right.” Or they could ...Read More