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9 Foods We’ve Been Washing Incorrectly

People who care about their health know that it’s extremely important to wash their food products. The process looks really easy: you just have to turn on a faucet and rinse your food. But there are a few nuances that are important to remember. Bright Side has collected some usual ...Read More

27 Hilarious Animals That Refuse to Play by Humans’ Rules

Many of us have already noticed that animals become smarter and more independent year after year. Moreover, they keep developing new features like willfulness and capriciousness. But they never fail to continue sharing their warmth and joy with us, do they? Bright Side compiled a list of cute photos that ...Read More

9 Celebrities That Got Tattoos for a Reason

Every tattoo has its own meaning. It can be a reminder of someone’s parents, best friends, hobbies, or an owner’s personality. Hollywood stars are no exception: they also have tattoos that mean something. But the meaning of some of their tattoos is unclear until you pay more attention to them. Bright Side will tell you ...Read More

21 Animals So Ugly They’re Actually Super Cute

There are a lot of human beauty standards and, unfortunately, this also applies to animals. People are more likely to save cute and fluffy endangered animals. Ugly animals are actually more attractive for research and a special society was even created to try to protect “ugly” animals. But if we abandon beauty stereotypes ...Read More

14 Serious Ads That Scream About Crucial Problems

Many of us think of advertising as something annoying and pushy. It’s rare and lucky to spend a day without seeing at least one commercial. However, advertising can come in all forms and doesn’t always sell goods or services. In the article below, you’ll find the best examples of social advertising that keep us from ...Read More