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15 Horrible Virginity Stories To Make You Feel Lucky!

The first times of these people are pretty unfortunate. We found their stories on BuzzFeed; and trust me, you’ll feel lucky if you’re not happy your virginity experience. Source:… 1. Could be better.. “Long story short, I threw up on his dick and then ...Read More

10 Utterly Essential Life Lessons from Buddha

Shakyamuni Buddha (Siddhārtha Gautama), known as Buddha, was a spiritual leader and teacher whose life served as the foundation for the Buddhist religion. Although he lived during the 6th to 4th century B.C., his thoughts and quotes are still relevant and inspire millions of people around the world even today. ...Read More

What People in Love Call Each Other in Different Countries

Most people don’t even notice that they use affectionate names for their partner. But what makes this subject interesting is the fact that every country has its own version of this form of address, and it is determined by their culture’s understanding of what beauty and affection mean. We at Bright Side found ...Read More

The Japanese Yosegi Art Of Parquetry

Source: Youtube Instead of using paint, Japanese Yosegi decorations are made out of natural fine grains and textures of wood. First, timbers are cut into rods of desired sections, the rods are then glued together to form a section of geometrical design pattern. The ...Read More