9 Rare Facts About Silicon Valley, The Center Of Technology

As most of us know, most of the technological developments in the world are managed from Silicon Valley, located in California, USA. Most start-ups come to life there and many projects are designed there before becoming an essential part of our lives. Let's see some interesting facts about Silicon Valley, one of the most important attraction centers in the world.(Yes, we will also be mentioning the series Silicon Valley.)

We all know or have even used HP products.

1. This garage, where the seeds of the company were planted, was also the start of Silicon Valley.

The region called Silicon Valley is within the borders of the city named Palo Alto.

2. The population in Palo Alto has doubled since the 60s.

Many people interested in technology head to Silicon Valley from all around the world.

3. The surge to this region results from economical reasons.

For some time now, the idea that physical products are as valuable as software has been prevailing in Silicon Valley.

4. This caused an explosion in patent applications.

The economical size of Silicon Valley exceeds that of many countries.

5. The total profit of Silicon Valley is around 250 billion dollars!

Stanford University is the academic background of Silicon Valley.

6. The successes of Stanford University are countless.

The headquarters of Facebook, which is one of the biggest tech companies in the world, is also located in Silicon Valley.

7. But then it was changed to Hacker Way.

And when an area becomes popular, the real estate prices are also affected.

8. The average price of a house in Palo Alto can give you a heart attack.

The series Silicon Valley is quite representative of the life in Silicon Valley, in case you want to learn more about it.

9. And the story is told in a very realistic way.

Source: onedio.co