40+ Trends of the Outgoing Decade We Don’t Want to See in the 2020s

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There’s only a few weeks left until the beginning of the next decade, which means we now get to summarize the results of the past decade. Many defining events took place in the 2010s that definitively marked it as a new era, including the appearance of VR helmets, cryptocurrency, and unmanned vehicles, as well as the first successful operation for a complete face transplant. And the number of new fashion trends that happened during this time period are probably too numerous to count.

We at Bright Side couldn’t just turn a blind eye to the online discussions where Reddit users shared the trends of the current decade they remember with a cringe.

Uggs and Crocs. I think they are ugly. No, Mom, I don’t want a pair. Please stop asking. © _Pebcak_ / Reddit Various challenges. 99% were just horrible for your health. Things like the cinnamon challenge. © ggibby0 / Reddit That weird moustache trend that was popular around 2013, you know when teenagers would have moustaches on their phone cases, their jewelry, and what not. © linnnnnnnny / Reddit

Anti-intellectualism — refusing to believe experts in their field over some crazy person on the internet. I think it got worse this decade and I hope we leave it here. © My_Name_Is_Not_Kathy / Reddit Fake freckles. © Unknown author / Reddit A seemingly endless stream of movie remakes and sequels (mostly poor) and done mostly to make a quick easy buck off the name of the previous movie, and sadly most show a lack of creativity and original thinking. © AnnInnocentMan / Reddit Rainbow looms. © OGRedditNamelol / Reddit Matte lips that look almost crunchy. Like when you use such an ultra-drying formula that it just shows all the wrinkles in your lips and it looks like crumpled paper. © Macandcats / Reddit

A prank called a “social experiment” wherein we’re going to see if people get mad when we walk up to them and punch them as hard as we can! © unnaturalorder / Reddit Anti-vaxxers. © DeathSpiral321 / Reddit FarmVille. All of my aunts let their young children create Facebook accounts just so they could send themselves gifts through them. © scarletwitchlasagna / Reddit Shaving off your eyebrows and then drawing them back on even higher and archy-er than ever. © Jenniferscot2 / Reddit Those sweat pants with tight legs and saggy bums. © Othelianna / Reddit

Heelys. © eternalrefuge86 / Reddit Skin-tight jeans. I don’t always look for comfort in my fashion choices, but seriously if I’m going to wear something harmful for my circulation, it better at least have soft fabric. © Redhaired103 / Reddit Man buns. © Tsquare43 / Reddit Dying hair gray. Don’t waste your money. You’ll get it naturally, just give yourself time. © NightoftheJuli / Reddit Eyelashes on car headlights. © CEFHCL / Reddit

Highly overdrawn lips and eyebrows. © M14535955 / Reddit Cold shoulder tops and sweaters. © Unknown author / Reddit I am 33 and it blows my mind to see young, hip people wearing clothes I wore during my blunder years. Why, of all decades, did we decide the ’80s and ’90s needed to make a comeback? © Starry24 / Reddit Twerking. © jxob / Reddit The dress color thing. © WeirdoOnFire / Reddit

The attractive people that just wear big “nerd” glasses and claim to love video games. Also, the people who claim to love nerds, but actually mean the people described above. © MentalBeaver / Reddit Just all the family YouTube channels in general. © Yeetmeisterz / Reddit Back in 2010 or 2011 when girls kept putting feathers in their hair. I almost bought into them, but then suddenly they were out of style and gone! I think that was the shortest trend of the decade.© LuckyCoat / Reddit The online troll culture. It’s easy to be negative and critical. It takes maturity to have a dialogue. © oeg572 / Reddit Fidget spinners. © Precabase / Reddit

Personalized ringtones. I rarely hear anyone with custom ringtones now. The Bluetooth earpiece for calls. © AdditionalExcitement / Reddit Bermuda shorts. © herhighness90 / Reddit Pokémon Go. The first month when that came out it was HUGE. I would go out at night and find dozens of people playing. The park by my house would be packed with people and it was crazy seeing everyone rush over to an area when something was spotted. © -eDgAR- / Reddit The oversized sneakers definitely aren’t going to age well. © poor_yorick / Reddit

Duck face and bathroom selfies. © shrimp_biscut/ Reddit High waist jeans. They didn’t look good in the ’80s, and they don’t look good now. These girls are gonna regret every picture with pants that go all the way up to their sternum. © cawatxcamt / Reddit Out of control highlighter and FLORAL EVERYTHING! © snickermedoodles / Reddit Harlem shake and Gangnam Style. I remember this used to be a huge thing. My school at the time even had a huge thing as an end of school year celebration where all grades and teachers went to the playground and did the Harlem shake and danced to Gangnam style. I was in like kindergarten or 1st grade and really short so I got elbowed in the face by a 5th grader. Oof lol. © Cheshire_Cat8888 / Reddit All the chokers! All sneakers! Crushed velvet! Oversized sweaters! Brown lipstick! © madeofstars / Reddit

Body positivity: I’ve gained 100 lbs in a little over a decade and I can tell from personal experience that being obese is limiting. © Holy_Sungaal / Reddit Ruffles freakin’ everywhere. When they’re strategically placed, they’re nice, but when they’re on my sleeves, the bottom of the shirt, and across my chest all at once, it’s a little much. © amandapillar / Reddit Social media “influencers.” All of them, just go away, please. © Cinco1971 / Reddit Wearing giant logos across your chest (i.e. ABERCROMBIE; TOMMY HILFIGER, etc.). Be a human, not a walking billboard. © veryfawnydeer / Reddit

When people dance beside a moving car. © DeveloperToast / Reddit I have a feeling a lot of people who got huge butt fat transfer procedures to look like a Kardashian are going to regret them in the coming decade. © Attarker / Reddit Bearded hipsters wearing skinny jeans and scarves. © dottmatrix / Reddit Crackle nail polish. © chickennugget103 / Reddit

Boom for gluten-free everything, detoxing, coconut oil everything, probiotics, and Himalayan salt lamps. © ezaspie03 / Reddit No one asked me about the Flat Earth theory until just a few years ago. The fact that it’s picked up again is just so astounding if you think about it. © Andromeda321 / Reddit Technology & Memes. That’s how to sum up the 2010s.© Luigilito / Reddit Uploading every Starbucks coffee you had on social media. © OneRobato / Reddit

What trend from the 2010s do you most regret? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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