30+ Baby Animals That Can Fill Your Heart With Joy

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Not every day is a good day, but any day spent watching baby animals is a day well spent. From fluffy puppies to sleepy squirrels, these tiny, lovable creatures will turn even the biggest Debbie downer into a happy camper.

Bright Side presents you with these 31 baby animals who have the power to fill your heart with warmth and joy.

1. Good night, sleep tight baby squirrel.

2. Here’s a thumb-sized hug to brighten your day.

3. Stay hydrated, like this baby chinchilla enjoying a snack.

4. A special delivery of a cartload of fluff has arrived!

5. Size and color don’t matter — friendship is forever.

6. Spring has arrived, brought to you by this sweet kitten.

7. A whole handful of chubby baby bunny is all we need for a perfect day.

8. These must be the best belly rubs ever, judging by the smile.

9. “What is this strange puppy, human?”

10. This is one strange, but impossibly adorable play date.

11. Careful, don’t wake up the snuggled up baby chipmunk!

12. If only we could all drift off in a basket full of puppies.

13. Timber, the most photogenic piglet we’ve ever seen.

14. Please mom, 5 more minutes of playing!?

15. Naps are nice, but they’re even nicer with a nap buddy.

16. Little baby lion just can’t wait to be king.

17. Siblings do everything together, and this is true for baby bunnies too.

18. If I sits, I fits — according to this baby goat.

19. He may be small, but he’s got some ’spike’ to his character.

20. Greetings from a very polite baby raccoon.

21. She’s fashionable and ready for the road.

22. It’s tough to be adorable all day, time for a lunch break!

23. Have you ever seen a baby platypus before?

24. Just a quick trip to the store, with a baby kangaroo in a pouch…

25. Hat’s too big to wear? No problem, it’ll make a perfect nap spot.

26. Relaxing with no worries in the world.

27. This baby giraffe is like a plushie waiting to be hugged.

28. A sweet yet unlikely friendship has blossomed.

29. This duckling has a question for you.

30. A small yet fierce hunter in training

31. The Lady and the Unicorn

Which one of these baby animals did you find the most adorable? Share with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit bodyandbrainsize / reddit, Audrey / Flickr