29 Tender Tattoos That Won Our Hearts

When it comes to tattoos, people feel 1 of 2 ways: they’d either never dream of getting one or they really love them. Some tattoo artists create masterpieces! They create adorable pictures that inspire people to start seriously thinking about getting a tattoo themselves.

Bright Side has collected 29 tattoos that are just as cute as real kittens and puppies!

A dragonfly

This dog branded its owner!

Time for a snack…

The entire family is together.

Starry night + Snoopy

This cuteness is always with you!

Friendly elephants

A talisman

Portals to other worlds

“Come on, rest with me.”

So many details!


The bare minimum

A Disney castle

Dragonflies traveling to the chest

The horses want freedom!

At least you can have a lama this way!

A loyal friend

This bunny is taking a coffee bath.

A place where nobody will find them

A romantic night

Mother and son

A refreshing shower

On the way to Hogwarts

A nice meeting

1 is good but 2 is always better!


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Preview photo credit ineepine / Instagram, tattoomagz, tattooskid