26 Rare Historical Photographs You Won’t Find In Textbooks!

These photos are a quick and interesting glimpses at history, and not a kind that you can find in history classes. Some of them are completely random, yet somehow still interesting! Here are 26 photos from the past that give us the chance to look at what life or an important historical event was really like from -mostly- the perspective of ordinary people on streets.

1. Saundra Brown, the first black woman on the Oakland police force, gets instructions on how to shoot a shotgun, 1970.

2. Job hunting in 1930’s.

3. 1993 Bishopsgate bombing.

4. Schienenwolf – the plow used by retreating German army to destroy railroad tracks, 1945.

5. A Soviet soldier chasing young man who had thrown stones at a tank, The Prague Spring 1968.

6. A Jewish woman chased by men and youth armed with clubs during the Lviv pogroms, 1941.

7. Aircraft engines produced unprecedented sound, so in order to hear them at a distance, the war efforts developed listening devices. A two-horn system at Bolling Field, USA, 1921.

8. 1977 Dutch train hostage crisis (15,000 bullets fired).

9. Laurel & Hardy's last photo session, 1956.

10. A polar bear in the flooded bear enclosure in the Botanical Gardens of Paris during the flood of 1909.

11. Sign placed in front of the Memphis Zoo on Thursday, "Negro day," the only day of the week that African Americans were allowed to visit, 1959.

12. US Senate accepted the Blaine Act, beginning the path that would eventually end prohibition, Feb 17, 1933.

13. Funeral of Leonard Matlovich, who was a gay Vietnam War veteran died of AIDS 2 July 1988.

14. Sing-song girls (tea-house entertainers who sing and dance) in training, China 1932.

15. Two macaws perch on a fence in Jonestown, where over 900 members of the People's Temple Cult committed mass suicide, 1978.

16. "A bare-breasted Country Woman," Korea, 1890.

17. "Children not looking at modern art." San Francisco Museum of Art, 1963.

18. Twin toddlers on a Russian street are so well protected against the cold that they look like penguins, 1968.

19. Action movie star Dwayne Johnson's childhood and his father Rocky Johnson, 1981.

20. Man selling mummies in Egypt, 1875.

21. A Soviet soldier carrying Hitler's head from a statue, after capturing Berlin in 1945.

22. Women in Chicago Being Arrested for Skimpy Bathing Suits, 1922.

23. 12-year-old Lo Manh Hung who was probably the youngest photojournalist in South Vietnam, February 18, 1968.

24. Heroin bust New York, 1962.

25. Medical School Class and Staff, 1910.

26. A worker for the Sunbonnet Sue Flour company prepares one of the pattern bags to be loaded with flour. 1939.

Source: onedio.co