23 Historical Photos That Left Us Speechless

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We believe that all of us have dreamt of going back into the past, seeing things we’ve only witnessed in movies and read about in books. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as time-travel. However, we have the chance to look at the lives of our ancestors through old photos to see that their lives were fun too. For example, there was a time when farmers rode pigs, teenagers made challenges that were as cool as today’s, dentist’s offices looked scarier than a Halloween costume and men could get a fine for wearing a swimsuit!

Bright Side prepared a new compilation of historical photos that capture some of the brightest moments from the lives of ordinary people and celebrities.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wilt Chamberlain, and Hugh Hefner hanging out in the 1970s

Warming up the line guard of honor, Russia, the ’90s

Albanian refugees from the cargo ship Vlora in the Italian port of Bari on August 8th, 1991

Halloween used to be really scary in the 19th century…

Happy Easter (yep, that’s supposed to be a bunny)!

A vintage dental chair from years ago in dentistry

In the early 1900s, getting drunk and riding a pig was considered one of the most extreme sports known to man.

A touching picture of American soldiers paying tribute to all the horses that lost their lives in World War I

Playing golf on a building under construction in Los Angeles, 1927

5 good friends in the 1920s

A butcher’s shop in High Wycombe before everyone had fridges in their homes

A man at the beach was fined for not wearing appropriate swimwear.

Cars trapped in snow in Idaho, 1952

This carrousel created a centrifugal force that made people stick to the wall and the floor disappeared. Later, this machine was prohibited.

Today this looks incredible but in the past, families of this size were not a rare thing at all.

A busy mom in New Rochelle, New York, 1955

Women multitasking in the 1960s, grocery shopping and getting their hair done

Nina Khrushcheva and Jacqueline Kennedy

A photo of a high school math teacher explaining the physics of surfing in the 1970s

You may feel really cool but nothing compares to Freddie Mercury riding Darth Vader!

Oh, wait, you can be cooler: here’s a man giving milk to a polar bear and her cubs in North Russia.

How do you like this Rambo from 1985?

“My family friend went camping over 30 years ago and heard a noise outside the tent. Instead of peaking her head out to see what it could be she reached her hand out with her disposable camera. When the pictures were developed this is what she saw.”

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Preview photo credit preciousmaterials / Imgur, 2013 / Taschen