22 Badass Things That Are Only Possible in Russia

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Legends say that under a thick layer of Russian snow live severe people that never smile, make friends with bears, and wear heavy fur coats. Well, legends are never true, though they might sound interesting. The reality in these cold lands is much more interesting and involves bathing in ice-holes, making snowmen on highways, and going to the navy with your cat while drinking cucumber-flavored Sprite! Want to take a look?

Bright Side invites you on a wonderful trip around Russia. Sit back and enjoy!

1. Bathing in an ice-hole

This custom might seem “crazy” to foreigners, but it’s completely normal in Russia to dive into an ice-hole in January! This is optional, but many people really enjoy it. It is believed that doing this helps to cleanse the body and the spirit, and it relieves one of sins.

2. Cats in Russia are allowed to go to the navy.

3. Red caviar, a favorite treat

Red caviar is a common food eaten during the Russian New Year.

4. It’s cold there, but they nailed it!

In winter, in some regions of Russia, the temperature can fall to −86° F (-30° C), but it doesn’t mean that people will hide in their houses and wait till spring. Instead, they seem to have fun in low temperatures.

5. Russia is the land of astonishing nature.

Lake Baikal is an ancient, massive lake in Siberia, the pride of Russia. It’s the deepest and cleanest lake on Earth! The lake’s length is 600 km (373 miles) and during the winter the thickness of the top of the ice can reach 2 meters (6.5 feet). Because the water is so clean, you can see through the ice.

6. Russians can turn anything into art.

7. — “Is this the Soviet Union?”

8. In winter time, mornings in Russia don’t start with coffee.

9. Snow is a great source of fun. You can even make a snowman while waiting for the traffic police after a car crash.

10. An ice cave of Kamchatka

11. Klyuchevskaya Sopka is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world in Kamchatka, Russia.

12. Polar lights in the Murmansk region during the night

13. Winter of a true perfectionist

14. After months of cold weather comes the season of insects!

15. Architecture in Russia will amaze you.

Metro stations in Moscow

16. Iron Tree, Russian Ministry of Agriculture

17. Brooklyn Bridge? More like the Vladivostok Bridge!

The opening of the main symbol of the city of Vladivostok is the bridge across the bay known as “Golden Horn”.

18. Ostankino Telecommunications Center in Moscow

19. Trolling with style? They’ve got that.

In the 18th century, Sweden was Russia’s biggest enemy. In Saint Petersburg, you can find the Bronze Horseman, a monument for Peter the Great, and in Stockholm, there’s a statue of Charles XII. They were the kings of Russia and Sweden at those times. According to legend, both statues point to the countries of each other to show their rivalry.

20. The Mir mine makes the surrounding town look miniature.

The Mir mine is an open pit diamond mine located in the city of Mirny, Russia. The mine is 525 meters deep (4th in the world) and has a diameter of 1,200 meters.

21. Waiting for spring: Maslenitsa

Maslenitsa is a Slavic celebration of the end of winter. Maslenitsa is celebrated during the first week of March for 7 days! People bake tons of pancakes that are round, yellow, and hot like the sun, ride horses, and walk in traditional or pagan costumes. At the end of the holiday on Sunday, people say goodbye to Maslenitsa by burning the stuffed figure of winter.

22. There’s cucumber-flavored Sprite in Russia.

Have you ever visited Russia? What amazed you the most in this country? Or maybe, you’re planning your first visit to Russia? What would you want to see and try there? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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