20 Striking Photos Proving the World Is Not Done Surprising Us

Albert Einstein once said: “Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” It is hard to argue with the famous scientist, but the photos in the list below might confuse you, make you question the world as you know it, and admire nature even more.

We at Bright Side collected some photos of things and events that you won’t see every day. Look through this list until the end to find a photo of something created by humans, but surprising nonetheless.

1. A perfect “Limon”

2. Garlic with no separate cloves

3. Roman sky full of starlings

4. “I found a transparent leaf.”

5. A lemon with 4 segments

6. Snow rollers formed by the wind

7. A rainbow reflected through an aquarium

8. “A ladybug made a trail in the morning dew on my car.”

9. A half dead tree

10. A grape that looks like a pumpkin

11. “Moved a pot and found this weed’s root system.”

12. Long exposure incense picture

13. A pear pretending to be a banana

14. Innards of a hard-boiled egg left in a fridge for a year

15. Water-current-directing drain on a steep slope in Taiwan

16. Caterpillars forming a line

17. An up-arrow formed with a shadow from 2 mailboxes.

18. “Found a round egg at work.”

19. This cup was found in the lake.

20. Lucky or not?

Which photo surprised you and grabbed your attention the most? Do you have your own photos where you captured something strange and unusual? Share your impressions and your own pictures in the comments!

Preview photo credit McNifficence/reddit, Xephia/reddit