20 Pictures of Animals That Can Cheer Anyone Up

When you’re in bad mood and you think there is not a single reason to be happy, it’s just necessary to notice something cute and funny. And our pets can really help cheer us up. Naughty and serious, active and sleepy, funny and adorable — they’re all equally wonderful.

Bright Side compiled a new portion of cuteness for you that will immediately cheer you up.

A curly cat:

“My dog caught a snowball!”

The Pudu Deer is the world’s smallest deer.

This puppy is only 5 weeks old:

A little chocolate bunny:

유명한 짤의 다른 모먼트를 찾아보는 거 너무 즐겁고 귀여워 죽었다 pic.twitter.com/gDtvCllqsx— 쫑끼리 (@pyungzzong) October 19, 2017

Just a cat sitting on a pillow that resembles a slice of bread.

“My dog finally did it! After 11 months of existing, he got two toys in his mouth at the same time! He was so proud of himself!”

Self portrait. pic.twitter.com/Kii6KmuZy6— julianne (@juledibetta) April 28, 2016

Those eyes!

A 23-year-old cat: noble, handsome, and just perfect.

“I’ve been stuck in traffic for over an hour but luckily, I made a friend.”

Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the flowers.

Deep sleep:

Octopuses can be cute, as well. Especially small ones.

Pure cuteness

This rhino-dog is adorable!

Meet the Cat Family.

Just look at those paws!

A cat and its birthday cake:

The city’s hero:

Did we manage to cheer you up? Feel free to share some photos of your favorite pets in the comments below!

Preview photo credit architect00 / reddit.com, Amigurumik / pikabu.ru