19 Things Men Often Think About but Aren’t Likely to Share With Women

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Men and women have many similarities as well as differences. Today, a time when gender psychology and training sessions about intersexual relations are at their peak of popularity, it seems that we should start to understand each other even better than before. However, women still remain a mystery to men, and men aren’t becoming any more clear to women.

The beautiful female half of the Bright Side editorial team asked men to open up the curtains of their hidden thoughts about women and share the most interesting ones with us.

We understand women much less than we would like to. But at the same time, much more than women tend to think.

In fact, we like compliments a lot, especially ones that relate to our appearance. For example, if we get a compliment about how a beard suits us, many of us guys will start wearing one on a regular basis.

Beauty is a purely subjective appraisal perception. That’s why each man has his own standards of female beauty, just like each woman. It’s nice to see the stereotyped 90/60/90 measurements but it doesn’t mean that every man wants to see this kind of beauty every single day.

Many men consider female plumpness attractive. So stop overdoing things in pursuit of these high standards.

Many men have anxiety and/or depression but we will not talk about it and will get moderately annoyed at you for bringing it up. A lot of women don’t understand that it takes us a lot longer to figure out how we feel about something, more than most women. Give us time to process, and we’ll bring it up if and when we want to talk about it. But don’t try to push us to be emotional since most men aren’t as driven by feelings as most women. © jamestar1122, MattTheAccountant / Reddit

We notice imperfections in your appearance just as we would a slightly untidy home. But we love you, and this “perfection” is not a priority for us.

In general, we don’t really care what style of clothes you have. It’s likely that women are obsessed with what to wear not because of men, but because of other women.

We desperately want you to toss us things instead of just handing them to us. We like to check the speed of our reaction and agility. When we catch something in flight, we think, “Oh yeah, I’m really cool!” © andytheg / reddit

There are about 3 billion women in the world. And there are more attractive and sought-after among them than there are smart and successful among men. We remember this when someone demands a lot from us but gives back a little.

We prefer natural beauty. Even if you want to conceal some “imperfections” with the help of cosmetics, we’d rather you left your freckles and scars visible instead of trying to look like the “perfect” woman.

Sometimes we want you to simply keep silent. We need silence — that’s why we love fishing so much (not because we want to drink alcohol without you)! You always have a bunch of thoughts and ideas that you want to share with us. Sometimes it can be tiring especially after a hard working day.

We also like gossiping…about women, in fact!

Oftentimes we genuinely don’t care where we go to eat. The main criteria are tasty food and affordable prices. So please, don’t tease about making us choose — do it for us. © Rabidrabitz / reddit

Being in a relationship, a man will never tell his partner that she should change something in herself like lose weight or tell her that the soup she made isn’t tasty. “Everything is fine, honey. You are as young, fit, and fresh as you were 10 years and 2 kids ago,” they’ll say.

Men want more initiative on your part (of course, without too much fanaticism) as we are not telepaths and don’t know what exactly you want at this moment. Instead of guessing and pondering upon this question, we’d like to hear a more or less precise answer.

Men have a box that our minds go into. It’s called the “nothing box”. We like to put things in different boxes: the family is in one box, work is in another one, a hobby is in the third one, etc. So next time you ask a man what he’s thinking about and he answers, “Nothing,” There’s a good chance he’s telling you the truth. © AmericanPixel / Reddit

Men want their freedom, not to be restricted. Personal space is an important factor for both women and men. Women shouldn’t fill the life of their men with themselves only. Give them more time to be alone or to do something they like.

Men want women to seek advice from them. A man feels pleased when his opinion is appreciated. Ask advice from your man more often and you’ll see how much it will strengthen your union. However, remember to not overdo it by asking about which color lipstick you should choose or which scent of candles he likes the most. There should be a limit to everything.

Sometimes a man also needs support that’s unnoticeable to him and that doesn’t touch his ego. Yes, we feel very worried when something is going wrong or when we’re incompetent in performing some task. But we’ll never admit it even if we know that a woman was right. Admitting our mistakes equals death to us. That’s why we show you the highest level of trust when we admit that we were wrong or when we complain about something.

Bonus: several similar thoughts that women have

If a woman loves a man, she likes his body’s scent. That’s why we like to “borrow” men’s shirts and sweaters — they smell like them. Moreover, this just feels comfortable.

Women need emotions — we depend on them. That’s why if our partner keeps silent or pays little attention to us, we try to compensate for the lack of emotions by communicating with friends and sometimes even with male friends. We always want to go somewhere — to the cinema, to the theater, to a bar, to an exhibition, or even hitchhiking. We need more emotions and impressions!

We like hints so much not because we’re mysterious but because we want to be sure that we’re still interesting to our men, that they know a bit about our tastes and preferences. For example, if a woman casually noticed daisies, she will feel pleased if her partner presents her with these flowers instead of roses or tulips. It will not only mean that her man listens to her but it also means that he hears her and it’s important to him to please her.

We often perceive you as boys because you sometimes behave irresponsibly, childishly and carelessly in our opinion. But we do understand and accept your bouts of childish ways because we often want to be little girls too. And while we want this very much sometimes, at some moments we’d like to see men instead of boys standing next to us.

Though we’re different and it’s often difficult for us to understand each other, we still complement each other. Sometimes all we need for mutual understanding is to listen to each other and to hear one another.

What other things would you add to this list of revelations? We’d be glad to read about it in the comments!

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