19 Photos that Prove the Sun Is an Evil Tattoo Artist

Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo, but are too afraid of the commitment? Take some advice from these people and try out a temporary tattoo from the sun. Either way, it’s going to be painful.

We all long for warm summer days, filled with sunshine and leisure, but sometimes too much sun isn’t a good thing. Bright Side has collected photos of some unlucky people who either fell asleep in the sun or forgot their sunscreen at home.

This awkward way to sunburn.

I’m afraid to ask what happened here…

When you just can’t handle the sun.

The ultimate answer to a “How did you spend your weekend?” question.

At least he’s having fun.

He’s the hero we all need!

As is this he.


It’s like 15% of the face saved, right?

He doesn’t seem impressed.

The sun is punishing those who sleep.

Fandom forever!

It’s important to never lose your smile.

Patriotic all the way!

Hands of love and sunburns.

We need a backstory here.

Bulls fan, I presume?

Maybe you can start a trend?

Keep the the things you love close…forever.

Don’t you feel bad for these lovely people? Well, we hope they got better and that you’ll never get sunburn like that. But if you ever did, be sure to share the story with us down in the comments!

Preview photo credit birthdaygeofilter/imguram, thepoisonforkuzcothepoisonchosenspeciallyforkuzcokuzcospoison/imgur