19 Badass Pioneers Who Are Smashing the System

Have a problem? Humans have a knack for immediately coming up with weird and sometimes amusing hacks when needed. And why not? That’s what humans should be using their brains for, after all. To make life simpler! Everyone wants to increase their productivity by using life hacks. So much so, that if you type, “how to be more productive” in the Google search bar, it will yield almost 40,900,000 results. Why are we so obsessed with looking for shortcuts?

We’ve come across some pretty innovative life hacks here at Bright Side. Have a look at how these people slay the game of life with their creative thinking.

19. Using your brain never fails you.

18. When kids can be distracted, there’s nothing like it.

17. When you have the power to hang your iPad anywhere:

16. Even if it’s a table fan, we can definitely use it upside down.

15. Now, this is savvy.

14. After all the daily push and pull, you can finally reclaim your own space.

13. A reasonable and easy way to keep your laptop temperature under control.

12. When you’re on a diet and can have just 1 oreo:

11. A tiny burger for those of us on a diet

10. We never imagined a speaker could be made from trash!

9. Thinking of doing away with the old crib? Think again!

8. Don’t have the heart to dispose of that almost empty Nutella jar, do you? Simply add ice cream to extract the very last of it.

7. Just unroll the rim to increase the capacity of the ketchup holder.

6. Try stacking your clothes vertically to avoid it getting messy again.

5. A hair straightener can be useful for your wrinkled collar too!

4. Place a soda bottle under the pizza boxes to prevent the toppings from moving around.

3. Now you know how to apply a band-aid on those tricky areas.

2. This guy dressed up like his mom to buy alcohol.

1. When you’re so busy, you can’t even waste time in the bath:

Have you been practicing some similar hacks in your day to day life? Please share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit DaNReDaN/Reddit, Unknown/Reddit