18 Times the Mountain from Game of Thrones Totally Smashed Social Media

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The Mountain’s on-screen persona from the hit TV show Game of Thrones instills fear in the hearts of his opponents. But off-screen he is an amicable person who enjoys the simple pleasures of life, like playing with his daughter, taking selfies, and obviously eating pizzas — giant pizzas for that matter.

And he loves sharing his life on social media. Bright Side made a collection of photographs that he’s posted on social media to show how much fun it can be to have a buddy like him.

Cheat meal tonight. I went for some pizza. Tag a friend who would destroy this one! #UglyReykjavik pic.twitter.com/LQjy7LFoFn— Hafþór J Björnsson (@ThorBjornsson_) December 6, 2016

While he might be The Mountain now, in his childhood he was the cutest boy in the town.

Years later, Game of Thrones happened, and the rest they say, is history.

Maybe he aspires to sit on the Iron Throne. Maybe he even sat there when Cersei wasn’t watching.

As you might have guessed, to keep himself in shape he loves lifting weights…

And sometimes he even lifts his wife.

Maybe not just sometimes…

Maybe every day…

Eating is his passion, and he eats a lot. He is The Mountain after all.

And surprisingly while his pizza is extraaa large, his cup is regular-sized.

He adores pets, especially his Pom, Asterix.

And they are both Instagram stars. Asterix even has his own Instagram page.

And tigers love him (Do they have any other option?).

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Preview photo credit Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson / facebook, thorbjornsson / instagram