17 Party Photos of the Past That Made Us Want to Go Back in Time

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No matter how many throwback jams DJs play, you can’t ever fully picture what it was like to attend a party before the 90’s. Putting on your fanciest outfit to go to a ball and do the waltz. Or, maybe to a house party where Marilyn Monroe is sharing anecdotes. Although those moments are long gone, they radiate nostalgia through their photos.

Bright Side carefully picked a few party photos that will immediately leave you wanting to get into that DeLorean and travel back in time.

1. There’s nothing fancier than going to a ball, 1959

2. German countess and fashion model Veruschka celebrating Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, 1969

3. Marilyn Monroe unsurprisingly being the center of attention at a party, 1956

4. What celebrating Halloween looked like in the 50’s:

5. Muhammad Ali at his birthday party listening to Stevie Wonder, 1980’s

6. Elvis Presley wearing a mask during Halloween with actress Joan Bradshaw, 1957

7. Someone needs to bring back disco ASAP, 1970’s

8. Jitterbug dancing in the USA, 1950

9. A café-pool in Paris, France, where the pool was the preferred dance floor, 1930

10. The United Nations Christmas Party, where military personnel from different countries joined in the festivities, 1942

11. Imagine having Frank Sinatra help you cut your birthday cake, 1956

12. A woman being the life of the party, sitting on a car while playing the accordion, Germany, circa 1930

13. John Travolta unleashing the Saturday Night Fever in him, 1977

14. A masquerade ball that even James Bond would be eager to attend, 1930s

15. They partied to the max in the 1940s.

16. Nat King Cole playing the piano as Frank Sinatra breaks into song, 1955

17. How you should aim to spend this Halloween, 1930

Which of these parties would you really have liked to attend? And if you could take any person as your date, who would it be? We’ll be keeping an eye out for your answers in the comments, so don’t hold back!

Preview photo credit Hulton Archive / Freelancer / Getty Images, Michael Ochs Archives / Freelancer / Getty Images