13 ’Cool’ Photos Where the World Is Actually Crying for Help, and It’s Heartbreaking

We tell each other stories about global warming and snow in the Sahara as a joke and consider the scary stories about the overpopulated world a myth. The lakes with pink water in them seem unreal to us and we often automatically give the credit to Photoshop not even thinking that all these could be real. But what is really hidden behind those photos?

Bright Side has prepared for you the most unusual photos from all corners of the world that show how many things have changed on our planet lately.

The salt lake in Westgate Parks in Australia keeps impressing both local residents and tourists. Many of them come here in order to get picturesque photos. In fact, the color of the lake signals a change in climate. It becomes pink due to high amounts of salt, abnormal heat, and a lack of rain.

The Sahara desert is one of the warmest and driest places on the planet. It seems that it should become hotter due to the global warming but contrary to common sense it was snowing in the Sahara this winter. Local residents were extremely surprised when they saw sand dunes covered with snow. However, they have to get used to it because a similar situation took place here last year too. Before that, there had been no snow in the Sahara for almost 40 years.

Is it just magical scenery or a consequence of abnormal heat?

Snow in deserts is not a fairy-tale anymore.

Is it a cute photo with a seahorse? Nope, it’s an ecological catastrophe.

It seems as if this seahorse wants to take this Q-tip out of the ocean and help keep it clean. But in fact, it’s holding the Q-tip to drift along with the current. Under normal conditions, seahorses cling to algae, not plastic debris. National Geographic started a huge campaign called ’Planet or Plastic?’ Its goal is to visually demonstrate how harmful uncontrolled waste disposal is for nature. This photo is a part of the project.

Is it a beautiful photo or a prison?

No cage even the most spacious one can ever be compared with freedom. The world community keeps motivating and inspiring people to give preference to safari parks where animals are in their natural habitat.

An incredibly beautiful festival that turned into a big problem with trash.

The Balloonfest festival in Cleveland in 1986 impressed everyone with its beauty and enormity. More than 1.4 million balloons were released during this event. It had even been planned to become a new Guinness World Record but the record didn’t work. The spectacular show ended quickly but the consequences rippled for a very long time. The fallen balloons trashed the surrounding territory — airports stopped working, many car accidents happened. There were even 2 fishermen that disappeared in one of the lakes — rescuers were not able to find them on time because of all of the balloons. Those people who remember this event constantly remind the world community to not arrange a festival like this anymore.

Mexico City is almost there in the top 10 most overpopulated cities in the world. The number of its residents exceeds 20 million people and the density of the population is very high. However, some environmentalists don’t share the general pessimism over overpopulation and this photo shows the reality of having to live so close together from a unique vantage point.

Impressive bird’s eye view of a metropolis that has no free space for people.

Is it a touching communication between a whale and people or a dying cry for help?

This photo doesn’t depict tenderness but desperate efforts to save an animal. At the end of May, this whale came extremely close to the shore in Thailand. As it was swimming chaotically, it attracted people’s attention. Volunteers tried their best to relieve the whale’s suffering but it died after 3 painful days. It turns out, that it had more than 80 plastic bags in its stomach.

A water park is the best entertainment on a hot day. But in some cities, the demand for it is too high. This water pool has been called the Dead Sea of China. About 10,000 people pack into this pool at the same time on summer days. Also, this pool creates artificial waves which look pretty unusual. The main question is: where is the water?

An unusual photo that looks like it’s Photoshopped but it’s not Photoshopped.

A bizarre picture resembling rice fields is, in reality, a huge, stripped piece of land that used to have forests a short time ago.

One of the oldest tropical forests on the planet is located on the island of Borneo in Malaysia. Some time ago this tropical forest covered the entire island but today only 10% of its forest is left. The trees have been illegally cut down by local companies. Earlier, this place used to be inhabited by the Asian tribe Penan. The dialect of these people had more than 1,500 words describing trees. Today their culture has fallen into disrepair because of the vandalism by logging companies.

Is it a beautiful photo or the death of a relic tree?

Photos of sequoias can take anyone’s breath away. Their size can reach the height of a 30-story building. But even their uniqueness couldn’t protect them from human hands. In the times of the gold rush, more than 90% of all giants were destroyed in less than a year.

This mysterious fog is actually smog that makes it difficult to breathe.

Opening a window is enough to understand that this smog has nothing to do with the freshness of an early Parisian morning.

Due to the release of pollutants into the atmosphere, the air becomes unsuitable for humans and animals, especially in the summer heat.

This photo was not made in pursuit of becoming successful and getting a lot of ’likes’. Because of the long periods of smog in megacities, people are forced to move around in gas masks and respirators. They have to celebrate their wedding wearing those masks too. Similar photos of other newlyweds appear regularly and most often in China.

Accidents at oil stations lead to terrible environmental consequences and it’s the residents of our oceans and coastline territories that suffer from them the most. People try to wash birds, turtles, and big fish but they don’t always manage to save all of the animals.

Which consequences of humans’ actions seem the scariest for you? Please let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit youtube / HUMAN the movie